Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Randoms

1. So daddy was suppose to be home today but unfortunately he won't be home till tomorrow. His show on Thursday lasted longer than he thought it was going to. He thought it was only till 8 and then they were going to pack up and drive to Oregon and then drive the rest of the way today. Well they were informed that the show was going
to go till 11:30 which means they won't leave till Friday and make it home by Saturday sometime. I was really disappointed when he said he wasn't going to be home today but what can ya do. He's getting paid so I guess I can't complain to much.

2. Even though we've been home this whole week trying to get back into our routine it doesn't seem to be helping in the girls behavior department. They are still not listening and they are still screaming and fighting with each other. I can't wait for daddy to get home. I think I acquired a sore throat from all the yelling I've been doing at them. I cherish the silence of nap time everyday that's for sure!!

3. I have to take my dreaded glucose test on Monday morning. At least I'll get 2 hours to myself while daddy watches the girls. For some reason my glucose test is 2 hours instead of 1 for some reason. I asked the dr if they changed it cause I thought it was only a hour and she said yes that they changed it. I can't eat anything past 8pm on Sunday and I'm only allowed to drink water. No breakfast in the morning either. Good thing I'll be there when they open at 7:30. Sorry no bumpdate today it will be posted on Monday. 26 weeks today, now it seems like the weeks are going by fast or maybe it's just because I haven't had a second to sit and relax with daddy being gone and chasing these crazy toddlers of mine!

4. This week I finished making baby K's baby blankets and I also made her some taggies. I want to get some more fabrics and make her 2 more blankets. For never making blankets I like the way they turned out.

5. I have been nesting in spurts like crazy. On Thursday I cleaned all the blinds and window seals in the living room, dusted, swept the kitchen and did 2 loads of laundry. Its nice to have a clean house. Hopefully these spurts of energy last so I can get things cleaned. Our bedroom is the next thing on the list to get organized so that we can bring in the pack n play for baby K. I also need to wash the car seat and swing cover. There are still some things
that we need to buy for the baby.

6. I think I've figured out a theme for Keira's 2nd birthday.... A Barnyard Theme. Shes into farm animals and making the noises, so its fitting for her. So once I decided on the theme I headed over to Pinterest for some ideas which I've found a lot of. So I'm excited for her party and sad at the same time cause there is only 4 months till she turns 2. Where the heck has the time gone?! I'll be doing her 20 month post next week. I need to get my computer back so that I can edit her pictures.

Coming up on the blog:

• Monday - 26 week bumpdate
• Tuesday - Keira's 20 months old
• Wednesday - Daddys homecoming / uncle Josh's birthday
• Thursday - Thursday randomness
• Friday - 27 week bumpdate


  1. I love those blankets! They're so cute. I need to learn how to operate my sewing machine so I can do projects like that.

  2. Bummer that your hubby is not going to be home until later!

    I LOVE the blankets you made! Do you have a sewing machine? I would love to get one and learn.

    1. Thank you. Yeah I got my sewing machine for my birthday back in January. So I've only been sewing for 6 months. I've taught myself by youtube videos and,tutorials.

  3. The taggies turned out cute! My girls never liked taggies for some reason though....go figure haha.

  4. Love the blankets! I really should learn how to sew!! =)

  5. The blankets are adorable! And I almost ALMOST did a barnyard theme for C's birthday!

  6. Really cute blankets! Oh and hey btw.. I nominated you for an award! Go check it out! ;)