Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Things I'm Loving - Baby Edition

check back tomorrow for pictures from our 4th of July fun!

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All I've been thinking about lately is all things related to baby #3.
I've also had a lot of other things running through my head that are a whole different post in itself.
So today for my What I'm Loving Wednesday will be all things I'm loving for our new baby girl and even a super cute picture of the girls!!

First I'd like to thank you ladies so much for all your input on baby names.
I am really loving the name KENDALL and will probably be pushing for that name for our little girl.  Lets just hope the hubs agrees, maybe I'll name her that whether he likes it or not!  just kidding
* * * * * * *
1.  I am LOVING this adorable baby gown with the matching hat.  My mom is going to monogram the gown and hat for me and I'm going add the ribbon and bow for baby girls coming home outfit.  I am going to change the colors to pink and grey.  Adorable right?!  Now I just need some help from you ladies on where I can find a plain white cotton hat like in the picture.

2. I am LOVING all these newborn poses that I'm wanting to try with baby girl when she arrives.  I've been looking around for cute poses on pinterest to do with the girls and as a family.  I cant waitto take them.  Here are some of my favorite poses.

3. I am LOVING this super cute hat I found on etsy that I'll be ordering for baby girl. Isn't this the cutest hat ever?!  Baby girl might be wearing this hat with her coming home gown. 

4. I am LOVING this bouncer, these adorable Aden & Anais swaddle blankets, this adorable headband, this nursery print and these cute monthly stickers.

5. I am LOVING this picture of my sweet babies.  Somedays with them are such a struggle for them to be nice to each other, mainly Kaylee being nice to Keira.  But then there are days when they surprise the heck out of me and are so loving towards each other that it just melts my heart into a million pieces.  I don't know if it's cause I'm pregnant but I'm more sentimental and it makes me all teary eyed when they act sweet towards each other all on their own.

6. I am LOVING my sweet man.  He surprised me with a very early birthday gift (my birthday is in January) he got me a new iPad.  I am in LOVE.  He gave it to me know becuase he is going to Atlanta for 2 weeks and he's taking our laptop with him and he didn't want me to be without a computer.  I'm excited to facetime with him and have it be on a big screen so everyone can see each other.  When daddy's gone we will be staying with Jason's parents at their house again.


  1. The ipad is amazing! Our Kaylee is obsessed with Eebee's Adventures App. Check it out for Keira, it's free!

    1. thanks for the recommendation on the app. I downloaded it.

    2. hope she enjoys it as much as our sweet girl does!

  2. You will love the iPad! And I love that adorable gown in picture one---that is definitely a must have:) Etsy can kill that wallet in no time with baby stuff, right?!?

    Happy 4th of July!

  3. Did you use the muslin swaddling blankets with any of your other girls? I've heard really great things, but didn't have any with my son. Definitely getting some this time around!

    And I LOVE that hat - too cute!!