Friday, July 15, 2011

2.5 days

till Daddy leaves for a week!
I am so NOT looking forward to him being gone.
I am glad that his mom said we could crash at her house for the week
It will be like a mini vacation for us as well, she lives about 15 minutes from us

So this weekend we will be spending LOTS of family time together
I know Kaylee is going to be upset when Daddy leaves, so hopefully by us going to grandma's she'll be less upset.  So here's hoping we have a good week with Jason's parents and that Daddy has a safe drive from CA to CO and back.  They are leaving early Monday morning at 6am, stopping to stay the night in Vegas and then getting to CO on Tuesday afternoonish.  They will be back Sunday July 24th and that day cant come soon enough!

* * * *


Guess what.....

my baby girl has got her 1st tooth!  YAY finally at 7.5 months old her tooth on the bottom right has finally made its apperance!  Now that that baby has broke through a little bit she has still been cranky and has been doing a lot of this.....

I love watching her sleep, she's so peaceful and innocent!
Now if I could only keep Kaylee quiet when Keira falls asleep on the floor in the living room!
I think the volume of her voice rises and becomes a yell anytime Little Miss is sleeping!
I think she still has more teething trying to come through which is why she's still been cranky and sleepy.
Her sleeping at night has gotten better, she's back to waking up once during the night instead of 3-4 which has been nice for Mommy!

* * * *

Potty Training is going AWESOME.  I think I can safely say that Kaylee is FULLY potty trained even at nap and bedtime. It's been almost a month since we started so YYIIIPPPPEEE SKKIIIPPPYY!  She doesn't get anything to drink after 7pm.  She goes potty before going to bed and wears her panties to bed and wakes up each morning DRY!  She did have one day last week where she had 4 accidents, not sure what was up with her that day.  But she has her little potty set up in the living room and when she has to go she takes her undies off all by herself and goes potty.  When she's done she waits for me to come wipe her, now if she could only do that I'd be in business!  But hey not having to change her diaper anymore has been GREAT!  Her new thing now is to pretend that her baby dolls are going potty too and she sits them on her potty and will tell her baby "great job pee peeing baby"  She's so funny!

* * * *

With all the fun craft ideas I've been finding on Pinterest we will be doing a lot of them while we're at Grandma's this next week.  Here are just a few things we may do....
you can follow me here

Fingerprint Ants

* * * *

I start my final semester of school in a month.  I am happy that I'm almost done but I'm not looking foward to when it's time to have to go out and look for a job.  When I graduate I'll have been out of work for 3 years, yes 3 years, I dont even remember how to do an interview!  Well hopefully I can get use to the idea soon.  Though when I get my job the girls will be able to go to work with me its just not the same as being a stay at home mom with them.  I'm going to school for Early Childhood Development.  In one way I'm happy that I'll be able to get out of the house for a little bit but sad in another way that I wont be able to watch what the girls are doing, I guess I'll feel a little left out.  But I need to remember that I'm not the only mom that works and I'm sure all working moms feel this way too.  I know my kids will be happy in the end.

* * * *

Watching my girls together is the highlight of my day.  Watching Kaylee make Keira laugh is the best feeling.  I love that their bond is growing deep.  Yes at times Kaylee can be mean and steal her toys back that Keira is playing with..which makes Keira cry.  But Kaylee is an awesome big sister, she is always trying to find ways to make Keira laugh, which doesn't take much.  Kaylee can run and fall on the floor and Keira will laugh which makes Kaylee excited and she keeps doing it over and over.  They will be the best of friends at least I hope as they grow older they will be!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm glad that you worked it out so that you will not have to be home alone for the entire week. Staying with grandparents will be great for everyone! :) Have a great weekend with your DH before he embarks on his adventure. Lana :)

  2. There is nothing more beautiful than a sleeping baby.

  3. They are so cute! Love love love sleeping babies :)