Thursday, July 14, 2011

Daddy's Girl

Kaylee is an energetic, sassy, independant, full of life and 100% a DADDY'S GIRL!
She hates when daddy leaves to go anywhere and wants to be with him always
She gets so excited when he comes home from work or errands
She runs at him at a 100mph so she can give him a big hug
It's the cutest thing ever!  I love watching them together
They have a great bond

When they hang out Kaylee wants to do everything that daddy does
She is just like him, I don't know if thats a good thing or not!
She likes to go fast, fly in airplanes, ride in the truck in the sand at Pismo.
I hope as she grows their bond grows as well and she's always be a daddy's girl
Hope she knows that she wont be dating till she's at least 30 if daddy has his way!


I'm hoping that this little beauty continues to be a Mommy's Girl.
She is my snuggle bug and I love when she gives me hugs & kisses.
She's growing up to quickly for me


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  1. your girls are too cute! Our girls are 22 months apart so we've got stairsteps too! And there is nothing sweeter than a daddy's girl!

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Such sweet photos! I love pool time!

  3. Your girls are beautiful! Great pictures, I've got a couple of daddy's girls myself :)

  4. Beautiful babies. That pool looks like a blast.

  5. that's one of the reasons I wanted to have a little girl, because I LOVE when they are little daddy's girls :)

    SOOOO cute kids as ALWAYS.

  6. Such great photos!!!!!!! Adorable!

  7. such adorable photos. I was just reading that your sweetheart got her first tooth at 7.5 months...good to know my babies weren't the only ones that got their teeth late. My youngest didn't get her first teeth until 10 months! :)
    have a great week!