Friday, July 29, 2011

8 Months Old


I know I say this every month when I do your monthly updates but I cant believe your 8 months old already.  That means in 4 short months your going to be ONE (enter in mom crying her eyes out).  You are growing up to fast for me!  But mommy is enjoying every minute that I get to spend watching you grow & learn.

You are such a mommy's girl and mommy LOVES that.  I love that you yell out MAMA and when I come into your sight you raise your arms up for me to pick you up.  Sometimes I feel bad because I'm not able to give you ALL my undivided attention all the time cause there's you and your sister I have to look out for.  But when we do get our one on one time I cherish it.

I think we might have to retire the headbands.  You've learned that they are there and want to take them off all the time.  Mommy was hoping that you would do a little longer with wearing them cause you have so many cute headbands.  Mommy will keep trying to put them on you though!

You've learned to clap and now you like to clap all the time.
We say "YAY" and you clap, sissy likes to join in and clap with you!

  •  you love to watch Blue's Clue's with your sister, you both get the biggest smile when it comes on
  • you love bath time, splashing is your favorite
  • you've learned to clap and do it all the time
  • your 1st tooth finally broke through (bottom R - 7-13-11)
  • you have 2 more teeth about to break through (both on the bottom)
  • you like playing with your sister, when she shares her toys
  • you cry when you have a toy and sissy takes it away
  • you started crawling 3 days shy of turning 8 months
  • you get into the push up position, which makes mommy laugh every time
  • you like to play with sissy's toys, which she doesn't like unless she gives them to you
  • you love your Sophie the giraffe, especially since your teething
  • you love to pet the dogs
  • you roll over from back to tummy & tummy to back
  • you love to be outside and have the wind blow in your face

NAPS:  You take 2 naps a day.  One around 9:30 for about an hour and then another one around 1 for 2-2.5 hours.  You and your sister go down for a nap at the same time which is really nice for mommy.

SLEEPING: You go down at 9 for bed and since your teething you wake up 2-3 times during the night.  Mommy is hoping that your teeth hurry up and come in so that I can get back to getting a good night's sleep.  Some mornings mommy feels like a walking zombie.  The past few nights have been horrible when you wake up.  You eat and then mommy tries to pat your back and instead you cry for about 20 minutes before you finally settle down and go back to sleep.  You've been doing this for about a week and mommy is hoping that stops too.  You don't get a bottle everytime you wake up, usually you just get your pacifier and pats on your back and you go back to sleep after about 10 minutes.  So here's to hoping that you get back on your old schedule of just waking up once at night.

EATING: You are an awesome eater.  You eat a whole jar of baby food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You drink 6oz every 3-4 hours and will have some puffs for a snack, your learning how to feed yourself the puffs.  You cant quite get them into your mouth once you pick them up.  You love all your baby food except for CARROTS, you will NOT eat them.  You spit them out every time.  I've tried a few different times and each time, I end up wearing the carrots!

Weight: 19lbs
Height: 28"
Clothes: 9 months / 12 month sleepers
Shoes: 2/3
Diaper: 4 (you can wear a 3 but at night you leak through)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Dark blue

You are such a sweet girl.  Mommy has noticed that when she walks away and you cant see me that you start screaming and crying, I think your showing signs of seperation anxiety.  Which you might also be showing at night as well.  Most nights I bring you into our bed to pat you back to sleep and then you spend the rest of the night sleeping next to mommy.  We did the same thing with your sister too.

You are always such a happy girl and always have a smile on your face unless sissy does something to piss you off.  You have become super squirmish when it's time to change your diaper, which has been a battle.  Looking back at sissy's records from when she was this age she was able to stand and cruise the furniture but Mommy is glad that your taking your time doing things and I'm not pushing.  I think I pushed things with your sister a little bit.  But I learned that each kid is different and you learn differently so I will let you do things when you feel like doing them.  Since you crawled before your sister I'm hoping that you don't start walking early!  LOL.  Sissy started walking at 14 months, so if you want to wait till then then that's ok with me.  hehe

Now for some comparisons

Do you think she's changed much this past month?

Comparison of Kaylee & Keira
You can see how different they look, I think they have the same nose & lips but that's about it.  They both have blue eyes but the color of blue is different.

Thank you for being such an easy baby minus bedtime with your teeth!

Love, Mommy


  1. look at those piercing blue eyes. Happy 8 months! Gorgeousness is all around this blog post.

    Love that she has figured out how to remove her headbands. I try to keep hats on my boys but they take them right off. Ugh! Don't they know I want them to just look cute!

  2. Brielle won't leave headbands on anymore either! My mom kept trying this past weekend when we went shopping, and after about the 5th person returned the flower (after finding it thrown on the floor!) we gave up haha.

    I think Keira looks like she's really slimming down! Her face is getting that more "grown up" little girl look, rather than chubby baby.

    I agree they grow too fast!!!


  3. Oh my goodness - the picture of her in the pushup position is hysterical!!! She is getting so big but is SO adorable!!! Your pictures are awesome and I hope those teeth break through SOON so you can get some sleep.

    Happy 8 month birthday, Keira:)

  4. Sure, I'd be happy to make you more long as you don't need them right away. I'll fit them in between my Etsy orders as I have time :-) I better go to Target and see what new ones they have out!

    Message me through my Etsy store if you need my address again.


  5. These posts are great!! You'll have to print them for her first year album!!! She is too adorable for words - both your girls are so sweet!

  6. so beyond adorable. her eyes are breathtaking. thanks for another amazing post. Would love if you'd check out my latest go-to fash and see which fashion maven can't live without her Louboutins. Thanks love. xoxo

  7. she is so stinkin cute!!! love the onesie with the leg cute is that :)