Tuesday, July 26, 2011

She's on the move!

and into EVERYTHING!
Little Miss K is offically on the move between army crawling and crawling the girl is getting into everything!  And it's everything she's not suppose to get into....
Kaylee's not liking it so much either cause Keira is getting into her toys now!
Kaylee will share but only if she gives Keira the toy first, but if Keira gets the toy herself Kaylee has a fit!

I swear I vacuum the floor and the kid still manages to find the littlest thing that the vacuum didn't pick up!  She can also get into the sitting position, she'll be on her tummy and is able to sit up.  My little miss is growing up way to fast!  Kaylee didn't start crawling till she was 10 months old.  Keira is a few days away from 8 months.  Although they are different at what they could do at this age.  Kaylee was already standing and crusing the furniture & pulling herself up and Keira has no interest in doing either, which is ok with me!

Peek A Boo

This is also new getting into the push up position, she does it all the time now!  She's to funny.

Although Kaylee doesn't like her playing with her toys she does like to play with Keira in the tent.  Kaylee runs around the tent and then lifts the flap and yells "peek boo Keira"  and Keira laughs, which makes Kaylee do it a millions times.  I love watching them together.

We've been back home for 3 days and we're getting back into our routine of things.  I think Kaylee may have gotten burned out at Grandma's cause on Monday's she goes to Grandmas house and Grandma said that she was not happy to be there and said that Kaylee kept asking to come home and she wanted mommy and daddy.  So Grandma brought her home early and we may skip going to Grandma's on Friday as well so the excitment of going to Grandma's comes back. 

We're so glad that Daddy is back as well.  Since Daddy's been home Kaylee has not let him out of her sight.  She wants to be with him every where he goes!  If he leaves and she cant find him she cries for him until he gets back.  Although this morning she hasn't asked where he is.  She must have been tired cause she didn't get up till 9 this morning...only if I could have gotten Keira to sleep in...she was up at 7:15.  Plus 2 other times in the middle of the night, she has 3 teeth coming in.  So I guess I can give her a little break.  But I cant wait for her to start sleeping through the night.

We're getting our house cleaned up and ready for Friday, we're having a BBQ at our house for my brother's 24th birthday!  Friday will be BBQing and swimming!  It should be fun.

Happy Tuesday
Gotta go get Keira she's stuck under the table!


  1. I remember with Emma I couldn't wait to see her crawling & walking!! With Aaron, I just prayed he waited a long time for both - I didn't get so lucky! Ha ha! Once they start moving there is no stopping them. Your girls are adorable together!

  2. She has the best little smile! I can't imagine having two girls on the move - one keeps me on my toes! You should sleep good at night for sure! ;)

  3. Yikes! Baby on the move is exciting but tiring and scary at the same time haha.

    Yes, Raya is my short and stocky chunkbutt haha. She carries it well though--usually no one guesses she is as heavy as she is until they actually pick her up--she's solid! :-)


  4. The push-up pictures are HILARIOUS. lol. i love those! the sentence about being totally fine with keira not wanting to cruise the furniture, etc...basically move all over the house ;) is exactly how i feel about Kallen! haha. Raya started walking at 9 months and i always tell my husband, i hope he doesn't decide to walk until he's 2. hehe. i feel like raya started crawling at 6 months and kallen's no where close and i'm TOTALLY fine with that!

  5. She is so funny doing her push-ups haha! I can't believe she is 8 months old! Sophie is almost 6 months and Alivia started crawling a couple days before she was 7 months so it will be interesting to see when Sophie does!