Saturday, July 30, 2011

Enjoying the Small Things

Playing Peek a Boo
Kaylee is really into playing peek a boo right now and she loves to play it with Keira.  She is so cute.  I love being able to watch her grow and learn. 

No more hair pretties
Keira's figured out how to take off her headbands and I though ok maybe she'll be like her sister and when I put her hair in a pony tail she'll leave it alone.  Well I was wrong, she tries to pull it out and when she cant or she pulls her hair she cries.  Hopefully she'll leave it alone!


Happy Birthday Uncle Josh
Yesterday was my brother's 24th birthday.  We had a BBQ at our house and invited some friends and family over.  We had a great time, we stayed up way to late.  Everyone finally left at 1:30am.  Mommy should have went to bed earlier cause when we went to bed Keira was awake, she then woke up again at 3:30 & again at 6:40.  So lets just we had fun but mommy is super tired today...bed time early tonight

The Birthday Boy!



Give me those fish!

After this picture 6 more people showed up but I didn't get anymore pics from the night.

Messy Baby Faces
Keira is such a messy eater, but she sure does love her food thats for sure.
Messy faces only cute on babies, adults wouldn't look this cute with a messy face!


Have a good weekend
We are relaxing today, I'm thinking about taking the girls to the park tomorrow


  1. Love Kaylee's hair do in those last ones!!!!


  2. Your girls are precious!

    Thanks for the comment on my WILW Post. I wanted to let you know i updated my blog and I have a new address:

    Follow me! :-)

  3. I just started following your blog and I'm already loving it!

    Your girls are GORGEOUS and you take really good pictures, I really like them all. Seems like you have a wonderful family:) Congrats!

  4. Once again, I am blown away with your pictures. I guess it helps that you have two adorable subjects, huh?! Hope the rest of your weekend was just as fun! :) Lana

  5. I love love love Kaylees hair! (You may see Lidia in hair like that in some of my pics here soon:) Your girls remind me so much of mine! Lidia is just like Kaylee and carly is just like Kiera. I love it!! :)