Monday, July 18, 2011

We had a GREAT weekend

Our main goal for this weekend was to spend as much time possible together.
Which we totally did, we had a great weekend together.

Saturday - Daddy had to run out to the airport and talk to his boss about what he was suppose to do for his trip.  So we spent the morning together snuggled on the couch watching cartoons before daddy had to leave for a little bit.  The girls went down for a nap and daddy left to go meet his boss.  Once daddy got back and the girls woke up from their nap we headed to Target to get Kaylee some art supplies.  We got her some washable paint, a jumbo pad of paper for her to paint on, and since she's into drawing we got her some spiral notebooks (70 page notebook for $0.20)  so she got 5 new notebooks and I got one for school.  We also got her some more panties!  After Target we headed over to Best Buy and then headed home.  We ate dinner and there was more snuggling on the couch, more playing and lots of tickling! 
(sorry NO pictures, I was bad this weekend on taking pictures I was just trying to enjoy our time together)

Sunday - Daddy & Uncle Josh got everything loaded up and tied down for their trip.  I finished getting daddy all packed up.  I also got the girls & I packed as well since we're spending the week with Jason's parents.  After getting everything packed and ready I got the girls dressed and we hung out around the house and played outside.  We decided to have a BBQ and swim at our house, we invited some friends over.  I cleaned up the house while the girls took a nap.  Our friends came over around 3pm and we headed outside to swim and lay out.
I did manage to get a few pictures of Little Miss cause I had put her in a cute dress that my mom made her, so I had to take some pictures for you go mom!  She looked so adorable.
As always Kaylee was to COOL for pictures so I didn't get any of her.

Keira finally has enough hair on top for her 1st pony tail, it looked so cute!

Daddy left this morning at 6am and they are heading to CO.  They will make a stop in Las Vegas to have dinner with some friends of ours and they will decide if their going to stop there for the night or drive until they get to St. George Utah.  The girls & I miss daddy already.  My hope is that this week goes by SUPER fast and daddy is back before we know it!  I'm sure we will have a great time with his parents.  Were headed to grandma's today after nap time.  I will have my computer so I will be doing updates with all the FUN we're having at grandmas!


  1. Cute dress and pictures! Love the one of her eating her toe :-)

    I'm sure you guys will have fun this week!


  2. I love, love, love the dress! Too cute! :)

  3. love the one of her eating her little toes. too cute.

  4. Your weekend sounds awesome. LOVE the little bee dress and yellow bow. Gosh, you must never get hungry when you can just munch on those cheeks all day, huh?

  5. What beautiful pics! I guess your little is in the teeting stage too which leads to lots of "drizzling" or drool! Hope your week is going well! :) Lana