Sunday, July 10, 2011

Family Day

Yesterday we spent the day together
We were awoken by Keira at 7:15am, Mommy was hoping she would have slept in a little longer
Kaylee woke up at 8:10, which I'm surprise she didn't wake up sooner cause Keira was in her crib screaming (not crying, she was happy screaming)

We got dressed and headed out to the front.  On Friday the hubs helped the lady across the street with a broken pipe, so he used the bobcat to dig up her front lawn.  He went back over in the morning to put all the dirt back, once that was done we went out to see him.  He was going to load the bobcat on the trailer.  He asked Kaylee if she wanted to go for a ride & she screamed NO!  So he took Keira instead maybe hoping to make Kaylee jealous and she'd want to go for a ride too, but she could care less!  Keira on the other hand loved it!

Look at that look!!

It was lunch time and daddy was making a peanut butter & strawberry sandwhich and since my kid is a human garbage disposal she wanted one too.  so he pulled a chair over for her so she could watch him make their sandwhiches and then poured them a glass of milk.  Kaylee has never drank from a glass before.  It was the perfect size for her.  I was a little worried that she was going to make a big mess, but she didn't.  I was doing the dishes and she took a drink and the hubs called for me to look at her, once looking at her I knew I had to get the camera cause she looked like she should be in a GOT MILK! ad.

After eating & drinking her milk, daddy put Kaylee down for a nap.  Daddy ran some errands and I relaxed a little while the girls napped.  The girls took a nice long nap, so the hubs & I sat on the couch and watched some TV in total was nice.  Once the girls woke up we headed outside to go swimming, it was kinda breezy outside so Keira sat out.  She played with her toys in her bouncer.

Kaylee has become quite the little fish.  She loves the pool and swimming like a big girl.  She jumps in off the step and even goes under the water.  Yesterday she got brave and jumped off the rocks into the pool.  She did such a good job! 

She was trying to figure out why her fingers were all pruny.  She kept saying "mom fingers gross"

After swimming we headed inside and I made dinner.  Keira played on the floor while we ate.  We cleared the table and I did the dishes while daddy sat on the floor with the girls.  After I was done I came over and we watched Keira get into the crawling position and rock back and forth really fast.  She hasn't got it figured out to move her arms & legs.  Daddy was trying to show her.  She got so excited when you would cheer for her and tell her to come on. 

We had a wonderful Saturday together!

I'm not sure what were doing today,  Mommy is super tired today cause Little Miss decided to wake up every 2 hours last night.  So maybe I'll be taking a nap today when the girls go down for a nap.  It's 11am so they are going down for a nap in an hour, I think I hear my pillow calling me!

It's suppose to be in the low 80s so you might be able to find us out by the pool again today!

* * * *
Have a great Sunday, daddy had to run out to Byron to make sure the trail hitch is going to work on his truck for when he leaves for CO towing an airplane.  I'm trying to figure out a way that I can go to CO too.

My parents live in CO so while Jason was working I would be spending time with the parents.  But when I looked at tickets, they make you pay full price for a plane ticket for a 2 year old!  So I ticket for Kaylee & I was going to be $600 dollars, which we didn't have an extra $600.  Then I thought what about if we drove in the truck with daddy & Uncle Josh.  But the backseats are to small and daddy doesn't think the car seats would fit back there!  So should I lie and say Kaylee isn't going to be 2 till August so I don't have to pay for a ticket for her?!  I would really like to go see my parents and check out CO I've never been there.

I'm trying to go cause I really don't want to stay at home by myself with no help!  It seems like everyone we know is going to be gone that week and no one will be able to stay here with me and help me!  So I'm trying to figure out a way I can go, which I need to figure it out fast cause daddy is leaving in 8 days!  So I'm really hoping in 8 days that the girls & I will be heading to CO!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love "meeting" new people! I have sat and read lots of your posts and can see we have lots in common: 2 girls, teaching degrees, obsession with Pinterest, and a love for taking pictures just to name a few. I love the way you document each month and am going to try that this month. My little girl is only 3 months so I could catch up quickly and it would make a great book to pass around on her 1 yr. birthday. I look forward to visiting often. Stop back by and see what's happening on the East coast anytime! :) Lana

  2. Oh my, E woke up every 2 hours last night as well! ugh- I hope you get a nap today, catch some extra z's for me :)

  3. Great pics!!! Love that "look" of Keira's.

    I've heard airports often ask for documentation of their age and can ask for a birth certificate or I've even heard of them making you call you peditrician from the airport to verify birthdate!


  4. OH!!! I work for US Airways:) I have some buddy passes and it would be WAY cheaper to fly you all their if you want me to look? If the flights are open you would have no problem flying standby. If anything you can at least if it's a price that works for you if not we tried!!!!! I am thinking it would be close to $300 round trip??? Let me know! You can email me at if you want!