Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pretty Flowers

If you remember on June 27th Kaylee & I had our first summer fun activity
We planted flower seeds
It looked like this when we planted them

Well they now look like this as of July 10th

We had a very relaxing day today, spent doing a whole lot of NOTHING!
I needed to relax today after the night I had with Little Miss cause she had an awful night
Hopefully tonight she will sleep better, I'm hoping this kid sleeps through the night soon!

So trying to take pictures of my 2 year with her smiling and looking cute is nearly impossible!
She either wont look at the camera or gives me a fake cheese smile with her eyes closed
There's only a few times where I get good pictures of her
Today was one of those lucky days

I get this face a lot too!

But then we decided to play a little peek a boo and who knew playing this game would get me such great pictures of her.  I absolutly LOVE these pictures of her.

Little Miss is on her 3rd nap of the day!  Her last nap usually only lasts about 30-45 minutes
Kaylee hasn't had the best pottying day, she's had 3 accidents!  I'm just not having an awesome day

But I always get smiles out of the Little Miss

So the verdict is in, the girls & I are NOT going to CO.  I am sad cause I don't get to visit with my parents & cause I have to spend a whole 7 days with the girls by myself with NO help!  OMG I'm gonna go crazy, I may not have any hair left when daddy returns!!!  Hopefully I can find someone to come stay with me.  If I cant wish me luck!  I still have 8 days to figure something out.

(please excuse my eyebrows, I need to pluck them & my none makeup face)

Enjoy your week...
Daddy only has to work 2 days this week and the rest of the week we will be spending together

* * * *

I just wanted to thank all the new people who've stopped by my blog & left sweet messages from The Comment Challange over at Jenna's Journey.  I think it's a pretty awesome way to meet new bloggers.


  1. Your girls are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I agree 100%, this is a neat way to meet new bloggers. I am following you now.

  2. Here from Jenna's challenge! What gorgeous girls you have!! Certainly a full cup of sugar!! ;)

  3. Thanks for stopping by! I am following you right back! :) Both of your girls are beautiful!!

  4. I meant to ask you on my last comment what type of camera do you have? I have a Nikkon D5000, but haven't figured out the best way to use it. I need to read up. I am sorry you are not able to go to CO, but I am sure you and the girls will have a fun time together. Happy Monday! :) Lana

  5. I have a hard time getting cute pics of my kiddos, too - I take about a hundred to get one with their eyes open and looking at me and not making a strange face! And to get one like that with them in the same shot - well, that's nearly impossible!!! Your girls are beauties - all the pics you post are so adorable! I love that face she's making at you! Ha ha!

  6. Stopping by from Jenna's!
    Your girls are absolutely adorable! I love your blog!!

  7. When will they be gone lol! If I didn't have two rugrats myself I'd totally come hang with you haha!!! I HATE when my husband isn't home. hate hate hate it, I can't sleep well when he's not here and of course not even a 2 second break from the girls! I really don't know how single moms do it, MAD PROPS to them!!!!

  8. Those pictures of your Kaylee are so cute. I totally understand having a two-year-old that will NOT look at the camera half (or more) of the time. Bummer about being by yourself next week - that is never fun for any length of time.