Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July - Part II

This weekend was great.  Great because we spent a lot of time as a family.  All four five of us together if you include my brother (he lives with us).  We spent LOTS of time in the pool.  This weekend has been the best weekend we've spent together in a long time.

Sunday July 3rd
HOT HOT HOT is all I can say about Sunday.  We spent the first part of the morning swimming in the pool.  It was so hot out by 9am.  So Kaylee and the boys suited up and played in the pool.  There was LOTS of splashing!  They probably swam for like 2 hours.  I layed out and got my tan on with the baby (well she was in the shade).  After 2 hours of swimming we got out for a lunch break and then for the girls to take a nap!

After the girls woke up from their nap we just relaxed a little bit.  We played, read books, watched cartoons and we checked out Kaylee's flowers that have sprouted up.  She was so excited!

We ate dinner and after headed to the backyard to play with chalk.  It was still really warm outside but nice enough to sit outside.  We let our food digest and around 7 they headed back into the pool for some night time swimming.  This was the first time that Kaylee swam around when it was getting dark outside.  She had a BLAST.  Keira & I sat on the deck and watched...mommy was the photographer!


Monday July 4th
Today we had a relaxing day.  The girls woke up this morning early at 7am!  I was hoping that she's sleep in longer since she awake till 9pm swimming.  So we got up ate breakfast and Kaylee got ready, she was going to Jason's moms early today cause his mom had a party to go to.  She left at 9am and Sid brought her home at 12.  Jason & my brother left around 11am to go jetskiing for a little bit.  Kaylee got home and I put both girls down for a nap.  I had a whole photoshoot planned out today with the girls in their matching outfits and I only got a picture of Keira, I planned to do the pics after the girls got up from their nap.  But my camera had other plans!

Kaylee has the same shirt but in white and her shorts are blue.  But after taking these cute pictures of Keira, the girls woke up from their nap and I was getting them ready to have their pictures taken together and my camera decided that it was going to break!  AWESOME....

But guess what mama got.....
you'll never guess


Let me just say I love this camera!  Of course since I got a new camera I had to test it out and it takes some awesome pictures.  Kaylee got to be my little guinea pig while I tested it out.  The pictures are so crisp and clear.  Now I'm looking for a super cute strap.


  1. Looks like lots of great family time! And time in the water is perfect - it's way to hot to be outside unless you're wet!!!

  2. WOW Love the new camera!!! :-) Such great pictures!! Looks like a really fun weekend!