Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our week without daddy

Well we survived the week without daddy!
We are SO glad to have him home.
He got home a day early!

So here's a journal of how our week went at Grandma & Grandpa's house
(Jason's parents)
* warning this blog is LONG & has LOTS of pictures

Monday - June 18th
We spent the first half of the day at our house.  I finished getting all our stuff together, man I haven't had to pack in awhile and these girl require a lot of stuff!  I put the girls down for a nap and finished getting things packed and loaded up into the truck.  The girls woke up from their nap and I loaded them up and made the 15 minute drive to grandma's house.  We unloaded our stuff and  got our room set up and waited for grandma to get home.  Once she got home we played outside and had picnic dinner outside while Uncle Patrick practiced with his band.  After dinner we took a walk along the orchards where the neighbors dog came with us.  The girls went to bed at 9 and slept good...even Keira!

Sorry NO pics!

Tuesday - June 19th
The girls and I woke up around 7:30 and visited with grandma for 20 minutes before she left for work.  We ate breakfast and just hung out, Kaylee colored and played with her toys.  Both girls went down for a nap and mommy kicked up her feet to watch Sex & the City re-runs and also get my tan on by the pool.  After nap time Kaylee said she wanted to swim, so she swam a little bit, she swung and danced with her baby before wanting to go inside to relax.  She watched some SpongeBob and had a snack.  At 5:30 I started to get dinner ready for when grandma got home...we were having stir fry.  After getting dinner ready Kaylee and I made a birthday card for grandma cause her birthday was on Wed.  When grandma got home we headed back outside to feed the chickens, collect their eggs & pick fruits/veggies from grandmas garden.  After dinner Kaylee colored for a little bit.  I got the girls into their pj's while grandma set up a blanket on the lawn so we could all watch the stars come out.  I thought Kaylee would love to do this but she layed there for 10 minutes and was over it.  Keira layed there longer than Kaylee did.  So I decided since Kaylee didn't want to star gaze that it was time for bed, it was past their bed time anyway.  So I put Kaylee to bed while grandpa rocked Keira to sleep.  But when I went to put Keira in bed Kaylee wasn't sleeping yet and sat up as I walked in talking loudly asking me "mom Kara sleepin"  well Keira then woke up so I had to rock her back to sleep, tell Kaylee to lay down and go to sleep and try to talk to Jason at the same time.  Daddy was calling to tell me that he'd made it to CO, it was 10:15 (9:15 CA time)  The girls both slept good. So far we are havnig a great time at grandma's, but we do miss daddy.  Counting down the days till daddy gets home!




Wednesday - June 20th
Happy Birthday Grandma
The girls & I woke up around 7:30 and Kaylee went running out of our room towards grandmas room yelling "Happy Dirday Gamma".  She then came running back to our room to get the card she'd made the day before, Grandma LOVED her card.  It now sits displaded on the fireplace mantal with the other birthday cards.  Grandma left for work around 8:15 and we watched some cartoons.  Kaylee decided that her & Keira needed to wear pretty dresses for grandma's birthday.  We spent the first part of the morning coloring and watching cartoons before the girls went down for a nap.  While the girls napped I watched Sex & the City 2 (the movie).  Once the girls woke up from their nap we headed outside to enjoy the awesome weather.  We headed over to the pond to see if we could see any frogs and to check out the fish.  After checking out the pond we spent the next hour and half throwing around a beach ball, having a mini photoshoot and swining while we waited for everyone to get home.  We enjoyed some Thai Cafe for grandma's birthday.  After clearing the table we headed back outside to play.  Kaylee swam and Keira just hung out on the grass.  We attempted to get a picture of the girls with grandma, which Kaylee wanted nothing to do with...of course.  But I managed to get a decent one.  We were done outside and came in to give the girls a bath together.  The girls then got into their pj's and Kaylee played the drums for our listening pleasure...haha.  She's so funny cause she bangs the drumsticks together and says "1 2 3 4" and then starts playing.  We enjoyed some cake and Kaylee watched Toy Story before heading to bed.  Keira has been sleeping so great while we've been here!  Hopefully when we return home she continue's to sleep good!




Thursday - June 21st
The girls woke up bright & early at 6:40, mommy was not ready to be up yet.  We said good morning & good bye to grandma.  We were stuck in our room from 7-10 cause the cleaning ladies were here and I didn't want the girls to be in their way.  So Keira played in her play pin while Kaylee watched Toy Story 3 on the computer.  After the movie Kaylee went to read and do puzzles and I put a movie on for me to watch while we waited.  Once the cleaning ladies left we watched cartoons before nap time.  I think we may have spent to much time outside yesterday and didn't drink enough cause the girls are both crap monsters today and both feel warm.   Both girls took over a 3 hour nap which NEVER happens.  We were suppose to meet grandma at Mountian Mikes pizza but she brought it home instead.  We had a picnic outside again cause Patrick was praticing with his band again.  The girls and I have had a great time at grandmas.  Daddy was busy all day on Wed. so we weren't able to talk to him, but we did get to talk to him for a little bit today.  We sure do miss daddy!  There already talking about going to Atlanta next year.  Last year Jason went to Atlanta for jet team work and was gone for 2 weeks and he might be doing it again.  But if he does go again then the girls& I will be going to stay with my parents in CO!  Sorry I got side tracked.  After eating outside on the lawn we headed over to the chicken coupe and fed the chickens, collected eggs and went to the garden to see if there was stuff to pick.  Grandma found a HUGE zucchini that she missed when she was looking through them yesterday.  The zucchini was like the size of Kaylee...LOL  We played a little bit longer outside and then headed inside to get ready for bed.  Kaylee did a few puzzles with grandma while I rocked Keira to sleep.  Mommy headed to bed shortly after the girls did.  I talked to daddy for a little bit.

sorry this is the only picture I took on Thursday!

Friday - June 22nd
The girls were up again bright & early at 6:30am.  We got up and got dressed visited with grandma before she left for work and then we headed out to the store.  I needed to get formula for Keira.  We then stopped by our house to check on the dog and get the mail.  I didn't mention that I came by the house everyday to check on the dog.  We then headed back to grandmas so the girls could take a nap....Keira fell asleep in the truck on the way back.  Kaylee had 2 accidents that morning before nap time!  I talked to daddy that afternoon and they were having lunch with my parents and then they were getting on the road to head home!!!  After the girls woke up from their nap we played outside where Kaylee had yet another accident!  I dont know why she had so many accidents, it was either she was to wrapped up in playing outside or she was being to lazy!  So we headed inside to get changed and start laundry!  Grandma got home around 4:45 and we headed back outside so that Kaylee could do a little swimming, she only swam for 30 mins.  Mommy is tired today, I should have taken a nap when the girls did!  After swimming we marched around grandmas yard and then grandma turned on the sprinklers and asked Kaylee if she wanted to run through them.  Running through the sprinklers was on our Summer Fun Activity list....Kaylee ran right into the middle of the sprinklers and the water got her right in the face, she then started crying and wanted nothing else to do with the sprinklers after that!  So we came inside to relax while grandma made dinner.  We put on Lion King, Kaylee had never seen it before and she liked it.  We had dinner and the girls went to bed at 8:30 and the adults watched a movie!  Ahhh quiet time!  I talked to daddy before heading to bed and they were driving away!

Saturday - June 23rd
7am wake up call from the girls this morning...mommy was not ready to be up yet.  We got up got dressed while grandma made scrabbled eggs & bacon for breakfa-st.  After breakfast Keira took a nap, so Kaylee and I headed outside for a little one on one time.  We played a little t-ball and looked for frogs in the pond.  We found a frog and Kaylee called out to the frog saying "Hi froggy come here boy, come out and play"  The kid cracks me up!  After playing outside we came back in to figure out something to do for a little bit before nap time.  So we headed to the park with grandma, where the girls did A LOT of swinging.  Kaylee got really mad when it was time to leave!  Once we got back Kaylee had a small snack and then the girls went down for a nap.  The plan was when the girls woke up from a nap we were going to pack up the truck and head home.  So the girls woke up, mommy loaded the truck and we said our good byes to grandma and grandpa.  I decided to call daddy when we left to see where they were, cause they were suppose to be home around 5.  We left grandma's house at 3pm.  Well daddy was in Sacramento which meant daddy would be home by 4!  YAY!!!!!  The reason daddy & Uncle Josh got home a day sooner was because they drove all night switching off and didn't stop but to take a 2 hour nap.  They pulled up at 4:15 and Kaylee was sooooo excited to see them both!  Once they got home we did a lot of relaxing since daddy & josh were tired!  We ordered pizza for dinner cause we didn't have any food in the house.  The girls went to bed around 8:30 and daddy & I headed up to bed around 9:15 cause I was falling asleep in the recliner.

Its so nice to have daddy home
Today I think we are just relaxing but we might go to the mall to go shopping if I can talk daddy into it.  Mommy needs some summer clothes!!

No pictures from Saturday the camera battery died!

Thank you times a million to grandma & grandpa for letting me and the girls invade your house for the week.  I bet as soon as our truck drove away they were jumping for joy to have silence back in the house!
We had a great time though

* * * *
I felt so lost that whole week not being able to blog or even read blogs.
But we are back to our normal routine and back to blogging...YAY!


  1. YAY! So glad he's home! It looks like you had a great week :-) Cute pictures, gotta love fun summer days!

  2. Glad he is back home!
    Your girls are just so precious!

  3. looks like you guys had an AWESOME time... and i'm loving all the pics!

  4. Love all the pics! Especially the one with Keira's lip sticking out hehe


  5. I'm glad he is back home safely and that you guys had a wonderful time while he was gone. You've got such cute kiddos :-)

  6. Glad you all had a good week and that your hubby arrived home safely! :) Lana