Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We're still here!

We've been at Grandma & Grandpa's since Monday afternoon and we are having a great time.

The only problem....I cant use my computer cause it needs a password and they don't remember what it is.  So I'm using grandpa's computer real quick to do an update.  Man having NO internet sucks.   I cant BLOG, read blogs, do my many pins on Pinterest or just surf the web.

But I will be going home tomorrow to check on our house and will be doing a post with pictures from Mon - Wed.  Today is grandmas birthday so we will be celebrating later tonight when she gets home from work.

Have a great day check back tomorrow for TONS of pictures and updates


  1. Hope you guys are having a blast!!! Happy birthday, Grandma:)

  2. Sounds like all is well on the west coast! Glad that you were able to spend time with grandparents while your DH is away. You've almost made it! I'm sure you will have a wonderful reunion when he returns. :) Lana

  3. it's nice having family close for times like this, but nothing beats the comforts as your own home! Looking forward to seeing pictures from your week away!