Sunday, May 29, 2011

6 Months Old


You are half a year old already.  A HALF A YEAR.  Can you please stop growing up so fast! PLEASE?! 

These six months with you have been the best, being able to stay at home with you to watch you grow and hit all your new milestones has been awesome!

You and your sister are complete opposites at this age.  You are so calm and go with the flow.  You NEVER cry unless your hungry or have a messy diaper.  Your sister on the other hand was a little more of a whiner..haha.  But watching the interaction between you and your sister just melts my heart.  I cant wait to watch your closeness grow with your sister.  When I said you and your sister were complete opposite I mean in looks as well.  You look more like daddy and Kaylee looks like mommy.  Its funny to see how two beautiful little girls with the same parents can look and act so different.  You and your sister are 18.5 months apart and I wouldn't change that for the world.  I love that your so mellow and that you LOVE to have snuggle time with me.

Lets just say I wish she was sleeping through the night but she isn't yet.  She goes to bed at 9pm and wakes up around 3am to eat and then will go back to sleep till 8am.  I guess I cant complain, she could be waking up more at night. 

She takes 3 naps during the day.  She will take her first nap for about 30 minutes.  Then her and her sister will go down for a nap together at 12 for 2.5 hours and then takes her last nap around 5:30 for about 30 minutes.

She drinks 5oz bottles and eats half a jar of stage 2 baby food 3 times a day.  Which she happens to LOVE!  So far she's liked all of them except CARROTS, she spits it out every time I have her try it.  It's pretty funny.  When she goes to bed at night she does drink a 6oz bottle.  I have switched her formula.  She was on Enfamil with iron and I think it was to rough on her stomach cause she would spit up after every time she ate.  Even an hour after eating she would spit up.  So I switched her to soy formula and she hasn't spit up since, lets just say it's been nice not to have her spit up on me anymore!!

  • She can sit up unassisted (5.5 months old)
  • When doing tummy time she can lift her chest off the ground
  • When you talk to her she likes to touch your face
  • She has found her feet and LOVES to eat them!
  • WHen you give her a kiss she opens her mouth to give a kiss back
  • She loves everything about Kaylee, when Kaylee talks to her she laughs
  • She can put her pacifier in & out of her mouth
  • Scoots all over the place while on her back
  • Got her ears pierced 5/27/11

I don't know your stats yet you have a dr's appt on June 4rd for your 6 month shots.  I'm curious to see what your weight & height are. 

Weight: ?
Height: ?
Clothes: 6 months & 9 month sleepers
Shoe Size: 2
Diaper Size: 3
Teeth: none yet

This may sound crazy but I'm already getting ideas for her 1st birthday!  Though I'm not going to reveal the theme I'm thinking about just yet.  But it will be super cute!

I just cant believe how fast she is growing.  I am thankful everyday that I get to stay home with her and her sister!  They complete me and I couldn't imagine not having them with me. 

  • She loves to jump in her jumperoo
  • She loves her Sophie the giraffe
  • She loves to have the wind blow in her face
  • She loves bath time
  • She doesn't have stranger anxiety!
  • She has a little bit of seperation anxiety, when I leave the room she cries sometimes
  • She loves to coo, screach, smily & laugh
  • She smiles when anyone talks to her

Here are some IPhone pictures from the last few weeks


  1. Gawh! She is gorgeous! Happy 6 month milestone! When did she start sitting up on her own? I cant wait for my little guy to do this. =)

  2. oh she's just adorable! and her eyes are gorgeous. my little wyatt is five months old today!