Monday, May 9, 2011

Enjoying the small things

I am taking time to enjoy the small things in life.

The Mad Face
This is Kaylee's new face she likes to do now.  It makes me laugh.  She's starting to understand what faces mean.  She was looking through a book the other day and said "mama bear is mad" (he was sad) and then at the end of the book she said "mama bear is happy"  Its awesome to see that she is recognizing faces and feelings.

Mommy Time
I love the mommy time that I get everyday with my girls.  Being a stay at home mom is hard work but I wouldn't change it for the world.  Being able to watch them hit all their milestones and new things they learn everyday is what makes my job so rewarding

Baby Feet
I am loving Keira's baby feet.  They are just so cute and I could take pictures of them all day.  Kaylee likes to have her toes painted and she wanted me to paint Keira's so we gave it a try.  It was a little hard with her moving her feet but I got them painted and they look so cute

Smily Girls
I love to see my girls smile, I love watching them interact and I love that they are so close and can enjoy growing up to be best friends.  I love watching how excited Kaylee gets in the morning knowing that Keira is awake.  I love watching Keira get a big smile on her face when Kaylee talks to her.  It just melts my heart

Pool Time Fun
Now that we got our pool fixed and refilled with water Kaylee has enjoyed splashing around in the pool.  Over the weekend while Daddy took Kaylee to get mommy a Mother's Day gift she also got some stuff too.  Daddy got her a Toy Story beach towel (she is obsessed) and squirt guns, which she enjoyed shooting at the dogs.  This summer is going to be fun sitting pool side!



Baby Blues
I love the fact that both my kids got my blue eyes.  I have blue eyes and hubby has brown eyes.  Well my eyes trumped his and both our girls have got the most gorgeous eyes.  Keira has really dark blue eyes.

Toy Messes
This is what my house looks like on an everyday basis.  I clean up all the toys after Kaylee goes to bed cause there's no point in cleaning it up while she takes a nap cause all the toys come back out again.  I enjoy watching her play and pretend, its the cutest thing.


  1. Blake is really into faces and emotions right now is so cute!

    Your house looks like mine with te toys...I just clean after bedtime!

  2. Those baby blues are to die for - SO beautiful!!! I love all of the faces - your girls are just too precious:)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Talk about beautiful kids, your girls are soooooo PrEcIoUs! What a blessing! Love those big blue eyes, I thought my boys had big blue eyes, but these put those to shame!!!! :)

  4. love your blog! what a fun life with 2 sweet girls, looking forward to reading! :)