Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had a pretty laid back weekend hanging out around the house.  The weather wasn't that great either, but at least it wasn't raining!

Saturday morning the girls let mommy sleep in until 8 which was fantastic, cause Miss Keira is still waking up once at night which I'm really hoping that she grows out of soon.  She sleeps from 9-3 drinks a bottle and then goes back to sleep but its hard for me to go back to sleep so then I'm up for like an hour after trying to go back to sleep.  Which means when 8 rolls around I am still tired.

After we all got up we got ready for the day cause Kaylee was headed to grandma's house for a little FUN.  She left at 9:30 and came back at 12:30 just in time for nap time.  I love my kid to pieces but its always nice when she leaves and I have a little break!  Is that wrong of me to think?!?  haha

But after the girls nap we just hung out and the girls played together.  For what ever reason out of NO where I now have allergies which totally SUCK!  My hubby has allergies really BAD and now I know a little bit of how he feels.  When it's really windy outside it makes my allergies we didn't play to much outside.  Daddy spent most of his dad out in the garage working on his truck.

cute little baby butt!

We spent our Sunday pretty much the same as Saturday.  Hanging out around the house, playing and watching cartoons.

We all got to sleep in again which again was FANTASTIC!  Its always nice when the girls decide to sleep in past 7am.  Lately Kaylee has been sleeping in till 8-8:30 now only if Keira would sleep through the night and until 8am....I guess that's just wishful thinking!

Kaylee spent most of her morning watching cartoons...singing and dancing along!  She is so funny to watch cause she will copy what they do on TV.  She was dancing around to Yo Gabba Gabba, the episode was all about DANCING, which is right up Kaylee's ally.  So she danced, jumped, skipped and went crazy.

Both girls went down for a nap and mommy took a much needed shower.  Mommy took a wonderful 30-45 minute shower which was awesome.  Then the boys went and picked up Subway for lunch.  The girls both took a 2.5 hour nap.  Once nap time was over there was more hanging out and family time.


Kaylee took some time out of her busy schedule to check herself out in the mirror

Keira is getting really good at sitting up all by herself now.  I can sit her up and leave her and not have to worry about her falling over.  Kaylee likes it that Keira can sit up to cause now they play with Kaylee's toys together.  Its really cute to watch them together.  Kaylee is such a good big sister!

So all in all we had a pretty LAZY weekend.  Sunday we did run to Walmart to pick up some stuff for Kaylee.  She needed more sip cups, rubber bands, diapers (will start potty training soon) and some cute pink floaties for the pool.  We also got Keira a little blow up baby innertube for her to sit in while in the pool.  We also picked up a birthday card for Jason's Great Grandma who is turning 92 on May 25th.

We relaxed this weekend cause next weekend will be a very BUSY one with my parents visiting, 2 graduations and parties.  It should be fun though.

Have a great MONDAY....
the girls and I are having a lazy day again today hanging out in our pjs.  Kaylee goes to Grandmas house at 4:30 today and then mommy will be taking her FINAL EXAM for school and then I am DONE!  One more class and I get my certificate for Early Childhood Development.


  1. I think calm, relaxing weekend are great! :) That's what we did this weekend, too. And it felt great!

  2. Sounds like the perfect weekend - there is just nothing better than relaxing!! Hope you guys had a good Monday:)