Thursday, May 5, 2011

Embrace The Camera

It's time to embrace the camera with The Anderson Crew.
The first part of the day yesterday was pretty low key, we hung out around the house.  Kaylee played outside and Keira hung out/napped!  Now that the weather is back to being beautiful again you expect us to be at the park or outside playing.
For the next 2 weeks the weather is suppose to be in mid 80s, when it's that warm I'm thankful that we have a pool to cool off in!  Last summer Kaylee was a little fish, so I'm excited to see how she'll be this year.
After nap time the girls & I headed out to do some shopping.  I had some FREE $ to JCPenny's so I got an outfit each for the girls for FREE!  Went to the shoe store to get Kaylee a new pair of DC cause her foot is growing like a weed and has already out grown her shoes we got her for Christmas, but the good thing is that there still in nice shape that we'll just pass them down to Keira.  We went to Target to get Mother's Day cards and birthday cards and I got some clothes on the clearance section for Kaylee & the girls got new bathing suits.
I enjoyed my day with my girls.



  1. Great pictures of your adorable girls!

  2. your girls are so freaking cute!!!! loving Kiera's leg warmers!

  3. The legwarmers and clippie look cute! Glad they worked :-)

  4. SO cute - I LOVE the cupcake dress - where in the world did you get that from???

  5. AHDORABLE! Your girls are super cute!