Sunday, May 1, 2011

Family Day

This day started off GREAT, tthe girls both slept in till 8:30.  Keira woke up at 3am to eat and then went right back to sleep.  It's always nice when I'm able to sleep in a little bit.

Last week we emptied our pool out cause it was yucky.  So this morning since it was such a nice day we all headed outside.  Daddy, Uncle Josh & Uncle Jake cleaned all the leaves out of the pool and pressure washed it out.  Gettin it ready for Kaylee's party!  It's suppose to be 80 degrees for Kaylee's party.  Starting today the weather is suppose to be between 75 & 85.  YAY is all I have to say, I love the warm weather and so does Kaylee cause that means she gets to go outside and play.

While the boys cleaned the pool the girls and I just hung out...Keira sat in her bouncy seat and Kaylee colored with her chalk, chased the dogs and played with her bubble machine that Mimi got her for Easter.  This things blows some really BIG bubbles!  Kaylee loved it.

Since Keira slept in this morning she has decided that she doesn't need to take a nap today.  She's probably took about a 30 minute nap.  Usually at this time she's still sleeping.  Around 12 is when she goes down for her 2-3 hour nap, nope not today!  Kaylee is sleeping and Keira is wide awake playing on the floor, not starting to get a little fussy!!

Kaylee was having a good time tagging up the back yard with her chalk.  He drew on everything including the dogs, the side walk, the screen door, the rocks & even the bench.  She loves to play with her chalk.  Now with the weather back to being nice again we can go outside and play chalk all day! (don't mind Kaylee's messy hair, we got up and just went out to play not worrying about what we looked like)

More pool cleaning and the dogs decided to help this time! LOL

Kaylee playing with her bubble maching with Uncle Jake.  This would have been really fun if it wasn't windy outside.  We got some BIG bubbles.  It was hard to take pictures and do the bubbles at the same time!

Keira decided to play when she should of been sleeping.  But she's just oh so cute that I just let her play and 20 minutes later she fell asleep!  And when she fell asleep Kaylee woke up, so I didn't get my ME time!  Oh well.  After the pool cleaning was done, the boys headed to the Bethany Reservior to do a little jet sking.  Once daddy gets back we are heading to WalMart to pick up Kaylee's birthday invitations so that I can mail them out tomorrow.  I cant believe her party is almost here already.  I've been making my list's on all the stuff that I need to get/make.  I'm going to be making all the cupcakes for her party the night before and icing them in the morning.  I have to make like 70 cupcakes!  I just ordered Kaylee's big top cupcake, which is one of those HUGE cupcakes.  So I think she'll be pretty excited when she see's it.  I'm going to have a hard time keeping her away from it until it's time to sing!

While the boys have fun, Mommy will be doing loads of laundry and putting it all away!  I don't mind doing laundry, I HATE putting it all away.  I also need to go through Keira's clothes again, her 3 month stuff is starting to get to tight!  Time to sell it, so that I can go buy more clothes or things they need!

Have a good weekend!

Here's a copy of Kaylee's birthday invitation

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