Friday, May 27, 2011

A Visit & Presents

My parents got here yesterday afternoon!  YAY....
They stopped off at my grandparents to surprise my grandma
They headed to our house around 4pm to hang out for about an hour.

There was a knock on the door and I yelled for them to come in and Kaylee just stood in the door way FROZEN.  haha  She hasn't seen my parents & little brother since Dec.  But after everyone came in and said their hello's she was fine.  I think she was a little shocked to see them!

Kaylee and Justin played like they hadn't been away from each other.
They were so cute together.  Justin tried wrestling with Kaylee and she didn't like that
Justin (7) & Kaylee (2)

Uncle Justin & his nieces

After playing for a little bit, Mimi had some birthday present for Kaylee.  As soon as she brought the presents in Kaylee new they were for her & was trying to get at them so she could open them!

Mimi even brought a present for Keira.  My mom loves to sew and I love that she can sew cause she makes the girls the cutest dresses and skirts!!  So Keira got herself 2 new adorable dresses.  The pink dress is reversable.  They are so cute!

After Kaylee wripped through the paper she discovered that Mimi made her LOTS of pretty new dresses and skirts.  Plus some other clothes from Target/Kohls.  The good thing about all of Kaylee's dresses is that Keira will get to wear them too!

Left: a tank that she sewed a skirt onto - Middle: tiered dress (adorable) - Right: reversible dress

These skirts are adorable, they look so much better in person!  I love the red one, in between the flower part and the polka dot part she sewed black tulle

The LOVE tank top goes with the peace & love skirt mimi made.

So Kaylee is now set for all her summer clothes & sandals.  Although she has lots of summer clothes I'm still tempted to buy more cause they are all so cute!  I'm addicted to buying clothes for my girls! haha  Girl clothes are just so freakin cute though.

When it was time for mimi & them to leave Kaylee got really upset that Uncle Justin was leaving.  She cried and cried and cried saying "no bubba don't go!"

Today after nap time we are all heading to the mall to get Little Miss Keira's ears pierced!  So look out for a blog about her new BLING!

Have a good day and safe weekend!

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  1. are parent's being at the house not the greatest things ever???? and when your mom can SEW and make the cutest clothes ever for your girl? So jealous! and so cute :)