Monday, May 30, 2011

Graduation 2011

Happy Memorial Day!
Tonight we are having my parents over for a BBQ before they leave tomorrow to go back to Colorado!

My mom came over on Friday for a visit and to chat, boy have I missed chatting with my mom!  I mean I talk to her on the phone but it's different when you talk to someone in person!  It's been nice to see her & my little brother.  Kaylee has enjoyed her time with Uncle Justin too


Over the weekend we attended two graduations, both of our brothers graduated High School.  So on Saturday morning bright n early at 8:30am we headed to my brother's school to watch him graduation.  It was bright & sunny & HOT out.  The poor baby got a little to much sun! 

Then we headed over to Tracy High to watch Jason's brother graduate.  The weather over on the other side of day was so much different.  It was windy and cold and it even started raining!  But we got to watch him cross the stage and get his diploma and then we made our exit, it was nap time for the girls!

After attending Jason's brother's graduation we headed to my grandparents house to surprise my brother with a graduation party.  We BBQd and had a good time.  The kids played and had a blast.


* * * * * * * *

Then on Sunday the girls and I relaxed during the same while daddy worked half the day.  We played and watched movies.  Once daddy got home we all got ready and headed to Jason's parents house for his brothers graduation party.  We had a lot of fun, playing woofleball in the backyard, some of the kids swam in the COLD pool.  It was a great time.  We had sushi for dinner, it was awesome!!



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