Monday, May 16, 2011

Let the FUN begin!

For Kaylee's birthday she got a swing set from Jason's parents.  On Sunday when we got a break from the crazy stormy weather we went outside and set up the swing set.

Kaylee even helped Daddy put her swing set together, it was so cute watching her hold the screw driver while daddy used the drill to tighten all the screws.

Mommy read the directions while Daddy put it together and we played on it as we set it up!  Kaylee did her pull ups for the day...LOL


We had everything tohgether minus the slide, so we moved it onto the grass where it's new home would be.  And now LET THE FUN BEING!  Once we moved it to the grass we set up the slide.  Kaylee wanted to try out everything, like 5 seconds on everything cause she was so excited!

This ladybug hung out with us for over 30 minutes while we set up the swing set and played.  Kaylee thought it was great.  She wanted to put the ladybug on it's own swing so it could swing too!

Here are 2 videos

After we played a little bit it was time to go inside cause it was COLD outside.  Don't mind Kaylee's non matching outfit.  She grabbed all these randoms clothes cause she was to excited to head outside to set up her swing stuff.  She had a great time and even did really good on the big swing, we are going to get a bucket seat so that Little Sis can play too!  Hoping that the weather gets back warm again so we can go play more.  Yesterday it thunderstormed and we even got hail!  Seriously!?!  We're half way through May when it's suppose to be HOT and we're getting thunderstorms & summer here yet! 

I'm just glad it didn't rain for Kaylee's party, even though everyone hung out inside cause it was to cold to be outside!  Oh well she still had a blast and we always have next year!


After coming inside from playing, I got the girls in their pajamas and they hung out together and read books.  Keira is getting so good at sitting up unassisted.  She sat up unassisted for about 10-15 minutes.  Hopefully soon she'll be able to sit up for longer and I'll be able to leave her.  I still sit next to her cause sometimes she gets excited and falls to the side.  Yesterday was the first time that I had to give her some medicine for her teething.  She wasn't very happy and was running a little fever.  Kaylee got some medicine as well cause she was a little warm too and all her 2 year molars are coming in at once.  Which might explain why she's been so whinny the last week or so.


I love this picture of them


  1. all of these pictures just made my day!

  2. all the swingset! My boys LOVE our but we only have two swings, we plan to get a bigger one this summer that has more to do.

    I thought you were going to leave the swingset by the pool so the kids could jump off the swing into the water haha!

    yeah, that may be a big dangerous :)

  3. A swingset - what an awesome gift!!! Happy birthday to your beautiful little girl - looks like she had a wonderful day and I'm glad the storms held off:) The pictures of your 2 girls together are priceless!!