Friday, May 20, 2011

Family BBQ

The girls & I had a nice day yesterday, the weather is BACK to be nice again after 3 days of rain....yes rain in CA in May.  But I'm glad that the nice weather is back, that means we get to play outside and have family BBQs.

When hubby got home from work him & my brother decided to go jet skiing for a little bit, so the girls and I took advantage of the nice weather to be outside playing.

Last night it was close to dinner time and it being so nice out we decided to BBQ some hot dogs up.  It was nice to spend family time together.

For the next 15 days its suppose to be in the low to mid 80s (I am jumping for joy right now)  I'm not to sure what were doing this weekend, I know we have to make a run to Target to get some stuff for Kaylee.  Next weekend is going to be a busy weekend since both mine & jason's brothers are graduating from high school.  Plus my parents will be here for a visit.  It will be nice to see my parents and Kaylee will get to play with Uncle Justin.  They haven't seen each other since they moved in Dec.  They will be so excited to see each other.  Plus we have a graduation party for Jason's brothers on Sunday.  Next weekend should be fun and busy.



After dinner we headed inside cause it started to get a little cold outside for the baby.  We all headed in and hung out for a little bit before getting the girls ready for bed.  After getting them ready for bed we all snuggled on the couch and watched a movie.  I really enjoyed spending quality time with my family.




  1. Keira's eyes are so captivating in your pics - just beautiful!! Both your girls are beautiful!!

    Emma has that ladybug pillow pet, but is that a mini one I see in the last picture, too??? Love that - where did you find a mini one?

  2. Thanks for the email response - I couldn't reply via email b/c your email address isn't set up. I love the mini one, so I'll have to check my local CVS, too - thanks!

    And thanks for the comment about the picture - I thought they were so cute up there together! :)

  3. I'm not sure where in CA you live, but in Sacramento we've had equally bizarre weather!!! Oh well, at least it's not 100 degrees ;-)

    I have to tell you - that pic of Daddy & daughter is SO ridiculously cute. It needs to be framed on a wall!!!

  4. I know I say it all the time but your girls are SOOOOOOO cute. I wish we could hang out outside carefree, but carefree=no deadly snakes! Maybe I will just camp out at your house for the summer?

  5. You have a beautiful family. Love the eyes.

    And your weather? Unbelievable. We've been rejoicing over our 63 degree days here. Of course, I do live up here in Minnesota.....:)

    Have a great weekend.

  6. Love that last cute!