Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kaylee's 2nd Birthday Party

We hosted Kaylee's 2nd birthday party at our house this year and let me tell you it was a lot of work.  When her party was over I was exhausted!  But we had a great time.  Thank you everyone for coming and making Kaylee's birthday so much fun!

Kaylee spent the night before her party at Grandma Sids so that I could get things ready the next morning before her party.  So the morning of the party Keira decided to wake up bright and early at 6:30, uhhhh!  So we got up finished cleaning up a big and I started to make all the cupcakes and frost them.  Kaylee got home around 11 and we got her ready. 


Kaylee's 2nd cousin Scarlett arrived and the two of them had a blast together playing. 

After playing and eating lunch is was time for Kaylee to blow out her candles.  This year she enjoyed blowing out the candles before people were done singing.  It was to cute. I would lite them and she would blow them right out and then get so excited and clap and we would do that all over again.

After cake it was time for presents and this year Kaylee new exactly what to do.  She would start to open one present and then before being finished with that one she wanted to open the next.  She LOVED all her gifts that she got.  Later today we are setting up the swing set that Grandma Sid & Grandpa Dennis got her.  She's NEVER going to want to come inside once we get it set up!!  We're going to buy her a bucket seat so that she can swing and so that Keira can swing too.

Uncle Josh got Kaylee a bike for her birthday and did a little modifications on it and I LOVE the way it turned out....Kaylee likes it too.

Kaylee with all her gifts, she got a lot of clothes too

Kaylee got this princess tent and we poped it up and she loved it, so does Keira and Daddy and Kona too!  hehehe

After waking up at 6:30am and not having a nap Kaylee passed out at 6:45pm.  I knew she was ready for bed cause she was getting really whinny at the littlest things.  She had a great time!

Thank you again to everyone!

My parents will be here in about 2 weeks for a visit, to watch my brother graduate high school and Kaylee's birthday.  They will be here for 5 days.  It will be nice to see them and Kaylee will be so excited to see Uncle Justin!


  1. Looks like a great party! You did a great job on everything with decorations and food and it all looks so pretty!

    Your little Kaylee is SET for toys now!

  2. THe party looked great! Can you email me and tell me how you did the big cupcake?!?! thanks!!