Saturday, April 30, 2011

6 week 6 pack abs

I started working out about a month ago doing P90X (only abs and legs) cause those are the areas that I wanted to mainly focus on.  So I decided that it wasn't really working for me, so I wanted something more fun.  I know what your thinking...who the hell has fun working out.  I like my work outs to be interested and different.  After much research, well not really...I decided that I needed the help from none other than Jillian Michaels, she's trainer from the Biggest Loser who has the BEST abs I've ever seen.

I've decided that I'm going to take weekly pictures to see my progress.
Current Weight: 118lbs

My goal when I first started working out was to get back to my pre pregnancy weight of 115lbs.  I'm 3lbs away from that, but I'm not really focused so much on losing those last 3lbs as getting my ass toned back up.  After having kids your skin doesn't look good like it use to!  To be honest looking at my tummy, yes flat it still looks gross when you really look at it.  I'm not trying to fish for compliments.  I just want to feel confident again.  Since having my babies I haven't felt confident, I feel run down.  Looking back at pictures of myself then and now I wonder why my hubby is still with me! haha I look like a train wreck.  Most days you can find me with my semi greasy hair pulled back, in my spit up pajama's attending to my kids.  Since I'm a stay at home mom somtimes I feel like why do I need to get all dressed up nice with my hair & make up done if I'm not leaving my house!  Do I need to look dolled up for my kids?  Do they care what I look like?   NO but I should care, I mean my kids are dressed better than me!

So I'm going to make a change, I'm going to do my work outs 5 days a week, start eating better and trying to not look like a train wreck!!  So I'll be doing weekly updates on my 6 pack ab progress.  Thanks for listening to me vent.


On a much different note:
Our Saturday was spent visiting Jason's cousin in the hospital.  He got in a bad dirt bike accident on Thursday night.  I am so glad that he is ok.  He broke # 9 & 10 disk in his back, broke 2 ribs, needs to get a pin in his wrist, got a fractured skull and a semi callapsed lung.  I know your reading this saying OMG he's lucky to be alive....and I would have to agree.  We are all thankful that it didn't turn out worse.

Kaylee drew cousin Justin a get well soon sign and he was so happy when I gave it to him.  Since he's in the ICU they don't let kids go in so I thought having her make him a sign would lift his spirits.


Tomorrow it's suppose to be 77 degrees out so we might be heading to splash around at the lake.  Our pool is under construction at the moment.  We're hoping to get it fixed soon cause the 80 degree days are coming!

Have a good weekend!
Oh one more thing there are only 13 more days till Kaylee's 2nd birthday!


14 days till her birthday party...gosh there's still so much to do!

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  1. Good luck with your workout! I don't think I've been 115 lbs since I was a fetus LOL :-)

    Glad you got the'll have to post some pics of the girls wearing them soon!