Friday, April 29, 2011

5 Months Old

I have enjoyed these past 5 months with you, watching you grow, watching your personality shine through and for being oh so adorable!  I thank your daddy everyday for giving me the opportunity to be able to stay home with you. I've asked time quite often if it could please slow down a little bit but it is ignoring me.  I cant believe that my littlest one has been with us for 5 months already.  She is just getting so big so fast.  It makes me sad cause she is our last (I think) and I'm trying to savor my time with her.

She is such a good baby, she's calm and laid back.  Likes to be held and sometimes she would rather just be put on the ground so that she scoot scoot scoot.  That's right, I lay her down walk away for like 10 seconds and when I come back she's in a different position and not in the same place I left her. She is just such a joy to have around.  I'm loving that I'm able to watch her grow and learn new things everyday!  She's a mommy's girl.  She likes to give smiles to everyone though.

  • Every day she is able to sit up unassisted longer and longer, the longest has been 1.5 mintues
  • She's been eating rice cereal with a fruit/veggie and LOVES it
  • She just celebrated her 1st Easter, she didn't know what was going on
  • She can hold her own bottle, that use to be our time together but now she wants to do it.  I try to hold her while she holds her bottle and she just squirms all over the place.
  • She started teething and I have to change so many of her shirts cause they get soaked from all the drool.
  • This kid spits up more than any I know.  I use to feed her 6oz every 4 hours well the DR told me that was to much, so we dropped it down to 4oz every 2 hours, well this kid still spits up a lot.  So I don't know what to do now (putting a call into the dr today
  • She follows objects
  • She rolls over from tummy to back
  • She's trying to roll over from back to tummy
  • She gets so excited when I make her bottle
  • When it's nap time or bed time she still likes to be swaddled.  At night though one little hand makes an exit to get some air or sometimes I find both arms up over her head.
  • She can put weight on her legs and stand while holding onto things (not by herself)
  • She turns toward noises

Watching the interaction between Kaylee & Keira just melts my heart to the core.  As Keira gets bigger Kaylee wants to be around her more and tries to play with her.  The other day Keira was laying on the floor and was starting to get a little fussy and Kaylee brought me Keira's bottle and said "mama I feed sissy"  so I made the bottle and Kaylee went back over to Keira, sat next to her and fed her her bottle.  Kaylee likes to sit next to her and read her books or show her her flash cards and the sounds the animals make.  It's just really cute to watch.  These 2 are going to be BEST FRIENDS!
  • She knows her name, when I call her she looks and gets a HUGE smile on her face
  • She blows bubbles
  • She recognizes mommy, daddy & Kaylee
  • She sits in a high chair now to eat breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • She can move the toys on her jumperoo, she loves to be in her jumperoo and jump high.  I have to move it up another level cause she's getting so tall.
  • Since she's been teething I gave in and got her Sophie the Giraffe.  I found one on ebay for less than any where else.  She likes to chew on her face and yes it does kinda remind me of a dog toy cause it squeaks, but she laughs when she sqeaks it

Weight: 15lbs (guessing)
Height: 26.5"
Diaper Size: 2 moving to a size 3 soon
Clothes Size: 3-6 & 6 months depending on clothes 6-9 sleepers
Shoe Size: 2 (she doesn't really wear shoes to often)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Dark Blue

  • She takes 3 naps a day...1st nap at 9am for about 30 minutes, 2-3 hour nap at 12 and then another cat nap for 30 minutes at 5.
  • She goes to bed around 9pm and wakes up at between 2-3 to drink a bottle and will go back to sleep till 7.  Although every night if different, this is what it usually is.  I guess if her teeth are really bothering her she'll wake up more often at night.  Which leaves mommy the next day like a walking ZOMBIE!  LOL
  • She has been nice to mommy and has slept through the night twice.  Oh those two nights of full sleep were AWESOME!  I just hope she does that more often.  Last night we made a deal that she was going to sleep good so that mommy could get some sleep.  She woke up right at 2am last night and we watched a little bit of the Royal Wedding.
  • When you make silly noises or silly faces at her it makes her laugh
  • She likes to roll onto her side
  • She's going to chew her fingers right off, she sometimes would rather chew on her hands than use any of her teething toys.

Her little personality is starting to show through more each day and she is to funny. 

I love that she is a snuggle bug, when putting her to sleep at night she takes a bath, we get our jammies on, she drinks a bottle and then I rock her to sleep.  She draps her little arms around my neck and it's the best feeling.  I love having that one on one time with her cause I know soon she will not want me to rock her anymore

  • She has no stranger anixety, she'll go to anyone in the family
  • She loves when Kaylee talks to her, the other night Keira was sitting up like a big girl and kaylee was laying in front of her and they were talking back and forth.  It was so precious!
  • When Keira sits up byself or holds her bottle Kaylee claps and says "YAY Keira"
Comparison of the girls @ 5 months old
To me they look nothing alike.


  1. Love the new onesie stickers! Happy 5 months :-)

  2. Happy 5 Months, Pretty Girl!!