Friday, April 15, 2011

Stepping out from behind the camera

Thats right, I notice yesterday while participating in Embrace the Camera challange.  Which was a picture of you with your kids,  you with your husband,  or you with your family, etc.  I realized that I'm always the one behind the camera and don't have many pictures with my kids.  Kaylee is almost 2 years old and I probably only have 3 or 4 pictures of me and her together.   That makes me a little sad.  With Keira I still have time to take pictures of me and her while she's still little.

So I decided yesterday that I was going to step out from behind the camera and start taking more pictures of me with my girls and more pictures of all of us together as a family.  I don't want to look back a couple years down the road and regret not having those pictures!  So that is my new goal!  After  I decided this I realized that if I was going to be in these pictures with my girls that means I actually need to get dressed and not be in my pj's all day!  Put make up on and look presentable...LOL  But I figured I could do all that for my girls.  Yes you heard me right...if the girls and I have no where to go then we hang out in our pj's and play.  Or mom hangs out in her pj's the girls get dressed. 

Yesterday in the morning I stepped out from behind the camera and took some pictures with the girls before nap time.  After nap time mommy got dressed and kaylee and I headed outside for some more mommy & kaylee pictures.  there is one picture of her and I, where she is giving me a kiss on my cheek totally unexpected but by far my favorite picture of us!  See this is why I need to step out from behind the camera so I can get shots just like that!!

So keep a look out for a lot more pictures of ME!  I know my girls are ooooh so adorable but they got it from their mama!!  haha

Have a good weekend ya' I'm not from the south, what I meant to say was have a good weekend.  This weekend we are headed to Jason's Great Grandma's house for a little family reunion on Saturday afternoon and then Sunday we get to go see our beloved furbaby and her babies.  I'm so EXCITED!!

bouncing on her ball!




this is bob cat our kitty

peek a boo spaz!
ok so was that to many pictures of me and you want to see more pictures of my girls instead?!?  Well TO BAD I'm stickin around!  LOL


  1. THe one of you and Keira on your bellies is super cute!! :-)

  2. seriously! could your girls be any cuter! They would get whatever they want and I would get nothing done but playing with them all day! :)