Saturday, April 2, 2011

I love having little girls!

When I found out I was pregnant the first time, I hoped for a girl (hubby wanted a boy).  When we found out at our 20 week appt that we were having a GIRL...I was stoaked!  Daddy was a little bummed but he wouldn't change it for the world cause Kaylee is 100% a daddy's girl!  So when she came I was so excited to dress her up in the cute clothes, put her in the big bows and the cutest leg warmers.  I loved doing all that with her.  Now jump ahead a little bit, I found out at 20 weeks that I was pregnant with my second child!  Don't trust birth control or the 3 pregnancy tests that I took that all came up NEGATIVE.  Well when I went to the dr's and found out and almost died from the shock.  I'm not going to lie both the hubby and I were hoping for a boy this time around since this would be our last child.  We had decided that we were only having 2!  Well at 24 weeks we found out that we were having another little GIRL.  Hubby was really sad and I was happy that Kaylee would be getting a little sister.  When I was younger I'd always hoped I get a sister, but I was blessed with 3 little brothers!  So instead of having sisters God blessed me with 2 daughters, I was excited that I would have another little girl to dress up.  Lets face it the little girl clothes are WAY more cuter than little boy clothes.  The girls have more clothes than I do, which is sad. 

So I can say that I love having my girls.  All the super cute girl clothes, the cute leg warmers I get to put them in, the tutu dress up days, gladiator sandals, big bows/flowers and all the fun things that come with having a daughter.  I hope that I'm able to have an awesome mother daughter relationship like the one that I have with my mom. 

The other day the girls and I headed out for a day of shopping.  Which was fun.  We went to Carter's got some cute summer clothes for the girls, headed over to Marshalls where I found Kaylee the cutest gladitor sandals and Keira also got a cute pair of sandals from Target.

I wouldn't change having my girls for anything.  They mean the world to me and I cant imagine my life withouth them.  I'm thankful everyday that they are mine.  I love watching them grow and learn.  Kaylee amazes me on how SMART she is.  Stay tuned for a video of her, it will blow you away..cause it blew me away.  She is a very smart little girl for only being 22.5 months old.  I am a very proud mommy.

Big walk in clothes, filled with the girls clothes! (only part of Keira's clothes)

Addicted to buying bows/flowers

I made the 2 zebra bows & the 2 green & pink bows

Basket full of hats, headbands& leg warmers

Gladiator sandals I found at Marshalls for $10 for Kaylee

Kaylee had these sandals last year and I loved them so much that I bought them again (payless)

Keira's cute sandals from Target


  1. haha...their closet looks just like my girls'!

    Love the gladiator sandals. I found some cute ones today for Raya but they weren't on sale and were priced at like 25 bucks! Wish there was a Marshalls around here! I made up for it by getting Raya some rufflebutts underwear b/c I thought it'd look cute with legwarmers when potty training LOL. Have you started potty training Kaylee again yet? I think I'm going to start right at Raya's 2nd birthday and just give it a try.


  2. Little girl stuff is soooooooo cute! I always knew I wanted to be a mom of boys. I think just because I gave my parents so much trouble that I would be doomed if I had girls! But yours are super cute!!

  3. cute :) can't wait for the girls and I to start wearing sandals!

  4. yup, jealous ;) would love to do pig tails and dresses with my next one...but only God knows, right?!? :) I have three sisters and think there is nothing more special than the sister bond. The girls will be best friends forever! :)

  5. i loooooove this post. because i knew if i had another girl this is EXACTLY how i'd be! i love that I have a boy and a girl, but i would've been just as excited if i had been told i was having another girl. girls sooooo fun :) and girls clothes are HANDS DOWN WAY BETTER than boys clothes. lol.