Monday, April 11, 2011

To Grandpas house we go

Yesterday we had a semi relaxing day at home.  We spent it inside Kaylee played with her toys and the after math of that is still scattered all over the floor.  I snuggled most of the day with my little snuggle bug as she is teething and has been really fussy while she's awake wanting to be held.  When I put her down to do something she SCREAMS bloody murder.  So during the day I don't really get anything done cause she wants to be snuggled.  I just wish she wasn't in so much pain.  I have been giving her these teething tablets that seem to help for a little bit.  We all sat in the living room and watched TV most of the day.  Kaylee had a rough day of tripping and falling 3 different times and hitting her head all 3 times, don't worry she is OK!!  Man oh man! 

At around 5:30 I was still in my pajamas, my dad called my brother and asked if we wanted to come over for a BBQ.  The weather here was pretty nice, the sun was out and it was about 72.  So I went and got ready, the girls were already dressed and we headed over there.

We all hung out in the backyard, Kaylee played with her Tinkerbell ball on the lawn.  Throwing it and going to chase it.  We then ate dinner, 2 hot dogs later she was done and ready to continue playing.  She played with some cars, she danced, she caught the ball.  We had a good time.  We headed home around 8 cause it was bed time for the girls.

Yummy hot dogs & french fries

catch grandpa!

mommy & her girls

Uncle Josh & Uncle Jake wrestling!

tickles from daddy!


  1. Love the last picture!

    Yeah, Target today had an entire section of xhilaration (not sure the spelling) brand knee highs in the women's section...all $2 each and super cute :-)

  2. so much fun!! love those piggy tails :) Can't believe that the baby already has enough hair to do one too! Super sweet!