Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt with our playgroup

Our playgroup met up today to let the kids go crazy at the park and have a HUGE easter egg hunt for the kids.  Kaylee had a BLAST.  It was so fun to watch her interact with all the kids, she's never been around that many kids before.  I was afraid that she was going to be afraid and clinge to me the whole time.  But boy was I wrong.

Of course the first thing she wanted to do when we got to the park was swing, at first she could care less about all her friends, she wanted to swing.  (she's going to be so excited to see her birthday gift from her Grandma Sid & Grandpa Dennis- they got her a swing set)

She played with her friends and made some new friends as well.  I love to see her interact with people.  She did get mad a few times, she was playing with a soccer ball and a little boy wanted to play with her and she got pissed off at him at first cause she thought he was taking the ball from her, but after she realized he just wanted to play with her she was fine!

Pooh, Tiger and Eeyore got all the kids together to walk around the trail at the park so the parents could set up all the easter eggs on the grass.  So Kaylee lined up and walked with the group.  I thought for sure she would come running back cause I wasn't right there with her, but NO she didnt mind at all.  She found her friend Addie and they walked hand in ADORABLE! 

The kids ran around and played with the characters and were distracted.  I didn't think Kaylee would go any where near any of the characters, but she loved POOH.

The kids all gathered around POOH for a little story time, the parents needed more time to put out all the eggs.  So there was Kaylee with her friends on POOH's lap, happy as could be.  I'm so glad she was able to participate in something like this.  She always has so much fun when she goes to play with her little friends.

So finally the parents were ready for the kids, all the eggs were set up and the kids were lined up nicely along the grass, patiently waiting for their turn.  They did 0-2 age group first.  Kaylee new exactly what to do!  Each kid got to collect 12 eggs.

After all the kids got their eggs we all lined up for the pot luck.  YUMMY YUMMY stuff.  So we ate our lunch played a little bit more and then headed home for a much needed nap for both girls.  We had a lot of fun today!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter!

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  1. This is totally the cutest Easter Egg hunt!
    I JUST found your blog. And you have the prettiest little ladies!