Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My BIG 23 month old

Wow my "baby" girl is 30 days away from being 2.  This year has went by so fast.  I am so proud of how much she's learned and all the new and crazy things that she does on a daily basis!

Kaylee is sweet n sassy, independant, loving, talkative, dramatic, and full of personality.  This kid cracks me up daily.  Some of the stuff that comes out of her mouth makes me laugh and then makes me wonder "where or who the heck she's learned that from"  I such a PROUD mama.  She has made my life so much fun, yes at times I've wanted to pull all my hair out and lock myself in my room, but the fun times with her out weigh all the bad tantrums and sleepless nights when she was younger.  I cant wait to continue to watch her grown and learn.  Watch her and her sister interact and hopefully be best friends.

Diaper Size: 4
Clothes Size: 24 months pants/ 2T shirts
Shoe Size: 6
Hair: blonde
Eye: blue
Weight: 25lbs
Height: 35"

Her favorite things this past month have been
  • apple/orange juice
  • fruit snacks
  • being outside
  • playing with her chalk
  • playing with her baby dolls
  • coloring
  • daddy
  • doing her puzzles (and being so proud after she finishes the whole thing)
  • going to grandma's house on Monday
  • reading her books
  • bananas / rasberries

She is such a smart girl, which she must get from her daddy...LOL
  • she puts more and more sentences together everyday
  • she has bad tantrums
  • she loves being outside and NEVER likes when its time to come back inside
  • She knows these shapes: STAR, CIRCLE, OVAL, HEART & SQUARE
  • she can count to 10 by herself and to 15 with help
  • she can be over dramatic at times
  • she says please, thank you and your welcome
  • Colors she knows: GREEN, PINK, WHITE
  • her favorite cartoons: Fresh Beat Band, Dino Dan & Olivia
  • she loves to color
  • she gets mad when anyone eats her snacks
  • she says "mine" to everything, even if it isnt her's

  • she loves to draw with her chalk
  • she is miss independent
  • she can throw and catch a ball
  • she can walk backwards
  • can do a summer sault by herself (she is quite proud after she does it)
  • tries to dress herself
  • can put her shoes on (sometimes on the right feet)
  • can say her name
  • goes #2 on the potty!
  • april 1-2 went all night long with no pee pee in her diaper

Some new words she's learned this last month:
  • wind
  • rocks
  • see ya cat
  • mama where's ____(persons name)
  • orange juice
  • I'm stuck
  • step
  • good night
  • adios
  • meat
  • here chicks
  • don't
  • stop
  • oh no all gone
  • dada sneezed
  • bobcat
  • max
  • mine
  • she can recognize and pick out numbers - 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8
  • can recognize and pick out letters - B / E / J / K / O / P / R / S
  • were going to start fully potty training after her birthday
  • I'm not sure whether she'll be L or R handed as she uses both
  • she uses a fork and spoon at breakfast / lunch / dinner
  • plays pretend
  • can climb up on a chair at the dinning room table
  • brushes her own teeth

Kaylee is 100% a daddy's girl.  But the one thing that just melts my heart to the core is when she tells me good night, she gives me a hug and kiss and then says "lub lub mama" which is "love love mama".  ahhh just gets me everytime.  It makes up for the fact that she doesn't want mommy to put her to bed anymore she wants daddy.  Mommy use to put her to bed all the time well now she only wants daddy to do it.  It made me a little sad when daddy wasn't here to put her to bed one night and she cried while I walked her upstairs saying "no mama I want dadda bed".  But I understand this is special time with dadda.  Mommy had that special time for 21 months, so it's daddys turn now.

So I look forward to many more firsts with Kaylee and all the new things she will learn.  She'll always be my little girl.  I'm glad I have awhile before the teenage years start so that I can enjoy this stage she's in right now for a little while longer.  haha

My parents moved to Colorado Dec 18th and before that Kaylee and her Uncle Justin were BFFs it's been almost 4 months since they've seen each other and I'm so thankful for technology cause they are able to skype with each other but it's not the same as if they were here.  But in about a month they will be here for a visit for 4 days for Kaylee's birthday and Uncle Jake's graduation.  So that will be nice to see them together again

Here's a little recap of pictures from the last month

One last thing, here is a video of Kaylee saying the letters and numbers she knows

Happy 23 months Kaylee

Mommy, Daddy & Keira love you!


  1. OMGoodness... sounds just like my 21 month old! So sassy yet so sweet! and they seem to be doing so much of the same things... I like to think they are above average smart :)

  2. loved looking at the similarities btw our almost 2 year olds! such smarties :) loved this blog post and your beautiful pictures

  3. love to pull her little knickers down