Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Simple Things

We're participate in “The Simple Things” again. It’s hosted by Rebecca from: Simple as That. 
While I was getting dinner ready last night, Uncle Josh decided to have some fun with Kaylee.  Uncle Josh became hairstylist Uncle Josh.  He was playing with Kaylee giving her different hair styles, she LOVED it.  It was so cute to watch them interact together.  It's the simple things like that that make me smile!
I cant believe that in 3 days Kaylee will be 23 months old and in 3 days there is 30 days till Kaylee turns 2!  I'm getting things in order for her party and I cant wait.  We'll be getting her pictures done around April 23rd.

Later after dinner Mommy was relaxing on the floor with Keira.
Here are the many faces of Keira.  She's also teething, she's been chewing on her hands like crazy.  I'm thinking of getting her the amber teething braclet.  She was very whinny and wanted to be held all day yesterday.  But seeing her big smile, just melts my heart!



  1. my daughter likes to put as many hairclips as possible in at one time. Sweet pics.

  2. The black and white pic of Kaylee is awesome haha. I think Uncle Josh has a promissing future in the hairstylin' business :-P

  3. Those are both fabulous moments that make you just sit back and smile. "Simple Things" always makes me reflect on what is really important :) Glad you came by my blog!

  4. ok that hairstyle made me laugh. She should totally rock that out in public! You sure do have some cute little girls there :)

  5. Your girls are adorable, and good for Uncle Josh to get in some practice :)