Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Look what I can do!

On Mondays at 4:30 Kaylee goes with Jason's mom to her house for a couple hours.  Which she LOVES to do!  But when Kaylee leaves that means it's mommy & keira time.  Since the sun was shining and the birds were singing Keira & I headed outside to feel the cool breeze on our faces, soak up the sun and listen to the birds sing.  I brought out a blanket and we just hung out.  Keira cooed and screached loudly and I laughed.

But I am proud to announce that at 4 months old Keira can sit up unassisted for 30+ seconds!  YAY!  Such a big girl.

She did a little tummy time and laughed which doesn't usually happen at tummy time.  Usually tummy time goes like this...I lay her down she holds her head up for a minute or two and then she puts her head down and gets pissed off and starts to cry.  She HATES tummy time. LOL

When there's a breeze outside Keira's little tounge makes an appearance and she gets so excited her little legs kick at a hundred miles an hour.  She also likes to stand up, she has strong little legs.  She can stand while you hold her hand or she can stand while holding the couch or the table.  Such a big girl and growing way to fast.


These little shoes are so cute, did you notice they match her onesie!


  1. That outfit is adorable! Where'd you get it? I love the matching shoes! And that blanket is great too... makes for amazing pics!

  2. what a big girl! She's adorable! And that;s really impressive :) My baby girl also hates tummy time. It's always a fight! haha

  3. Raya had that same onesie...but not the matching shoes....very cute!!

    The legwarmers only take me about 10 mintues to sew. I'd be happy to sew you some for free....all you do is buy some knee high socks that you like and then mail them to me (they could be crew socks to make smaller ones for Keira), and then I'll sew them into legwarmers and mail them back :-) I don't wanna post my address publicly, but if you convo me through my etsy shop I can send it to you that way...then just include a few stamps so that I can send them back to you when I'm done!

  4. What a strong little 4 month old! Something about being outside and out of the house seems to make babies happier. I'm just waiting on the sunshine to head this way so we can do the same! Super cute pictures!!! love her outfit.

  5. aww, too cute! What a big girl to sit up already on her own! Such a beauty!! Love all the colors in these pictures!!

  6. Ps, Do you have a FB, add me if you'd like Taryn Yager (you'll see my cupcake picture). You're too sweet for words, and always enjoy your sweet comments!