Monday, April 4, 2011

SUNday FUNday

Sunday was family FUNday!  It's been the first Sunday in awhile that there wasn't anything planned or that daddy didn't have to work all day.  Daddy did have to work a little bit in the morning, he had to go out to a customers house for a little pool emergency.  He made it home about 11 and Kaylee visited with daddy for a little bit before going down for a nap at 12.  Both the girls napped at the same time (always so nice when I can relax or get things done around the house while they sleep).  Kaylee woke up about 2 and I got both girls ready and we headed to the park.  We live around the corner from 2 parks both within walking distance.  We decided to go to the big barn looking park.  Keira rode in the stroller, daddy rode his bike and Kaylee ran/rode on daddy's bike too.  Once we got to the park Kaylee was a little stand offish at first cause their was so many kids running around (more bigger kids) and being loud.  But once daddy was with her she was fine!

It was so nice to be able to spend some family time together.  Kaylee had fun running around having daddy chase her and take her down the BIG slide and swing.  I love our family fun days.  We stayed at the park for about an hour before heading home.  It was so nice out still and Kaylee wanted to still be outside, so while Keira went down for another nap, we went outside in the back yard and colored with some chalk.  We colored with chalk while daddy & uncle josh did a little yard work trimming all of our palm trees.  Gotta get the house looking good for Kaylee's birthday!  I cant believe her birthday is in 39 days!  OMG!!!  I have pretty much everything writen down that I need to do, I just need to do the finishing touches.  This month we'll be taking her 2 year pictures and I'm really hoping that that doesn't turn into a nightmare as she doesn't like to sit still to take pictures!

All right now onto the much anticipated pictures and let me warn you there are A LOT!!  Happy Monday!




well almost in 39 days!

Hubby & brother's business name: J Industries

Last night before getting the girls ready for bed I was able to get a video of Keira doing a big girl giggle, it is so cute!


  1. Keira looks great in that green color! :-)


  2. Your girls are so beautiful! And baby laughter is the best ever!