Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

We all got up kinda early to get ready for the busy day ahead.  The girls took a bath and got dressed in their cute easter outfits.  The original outfits I bought for them they couldn't wear cause it was to cold.  I was totally bummed, but the outfits they wore were adorable too!

dresses made by Mimi (my mom)

At 9am we headed to Jason's moms house for breakfast and on the way it started raining!  I was like oh great now Kaylee's not going to get to hunt for eggs, I hope the rain stops.  We got there and then rain had slowed to a sprinkle.  So grandma had Uncle Patrick go "hide" the eggs on Kaylee's marching path.  So the rain had stopped and it was now like a mist so we headed out to find the eggs before it started raining again.

Over the pond and through the forest on an egg hunt we will go

After Kaylee found all her eggs she HAD to go inside and open every single one to see what kind of goodies she got inside.  Keira played with her new Easter toy, mom found Keira a Sophie the giraffe teether on ebay for cheap so I bought it for her.  She loves to chew on it.  I still might end up getting her the amber teething necklace though.  After going through all her eggs we ate pancakes, linguisa, eggs, and strawberries for breakfast, which was oh so yummy!

After breakfast, the sun had come out so we headed to the back yard and over to the pond to see if we could see the turtles and feed the fish.

After checking out the pond we packed the girls up and headed to our next destination.

We headed to Manteca to Jason's Aunt Rhonda & Uncle Jerrod's house for some more easter fun.  Kaylee was super excited to see Auntie Rhonda's yorkie Zoey, that's the first person she called for when we walked in the door.  We were the first ones there, so we distracted Kaylee for a little bit cause she wanted to go outside to get the eggs.  So she played with some trucks while we waited for everyone else to get there.

Need a party planner Auntie Rhonda is the best!!

Kaylee was so excited to see Great Great Grandma.

Alright now it was that time to head out and look for eggs, Kaylee was excited.  Keira was taking a nap while all the fun was going on.  She slept and slept and slept, she probably took a 3 hour nap.  She slept while we hunted for eggs, while Kaylee opened all her eggs, while we ate dinner and woke up about 45 minutes before we left to come home.

Kaylee opened all her eggs again which was a lot!  Auntie stuffed some of the eggs with quarters and dimes, lets just say Kaylee left almost $10 richer!!  Way to go girl!  She played more outside before & after dinner as well, the weather got nicer out, a little windy!

Right before leaving we went back outside to take a new generation picture since we now have Keira.

5 Generation (Kaylee was 3 weeks old - May 09)
6 Generations (April 11)

Back row: Daddy, Mommy, Great Grandma Connie, Grandpa Jeff.  Front Row: Great Great Grandma, Keira, Great Grandpa Joe & Kaylee
Kaylee will be 2 in 18 days! 


  1. I just love all your pictures! Looks like your weekend and Easter were really great!!

  2. So cute! Happy Easter!

    FYI, I got those socks in the mail today and will sew the legwarmers up for you this week! :-)

  3. So cute! looks like a ton of fun. Have a great day! :)

  4. The girls are ADORABLE!! Looks like you guys had a wonderful Easter:)

  5. thank you ladies for all the sweet comments!