Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pretty Dresses from Mimi

Since my mom moved to Colorado in Dec she has been a sewing fool.  She has been making dresses and a skirt for the girls.  Well she finally finished them and we recieved our box of goodies.  Mimi did an AWESOME job.  I love all the dresses.  Kaylee wore one of her Mimi dresses on Easter and the dress that Keira was wearing was also made by Mimi.  So I cant wait for the weather to warm up so I can put the girls in their pretty dresses.  My mom is making more dresses for Kaylee for her birthday.  So I cant wait to see those ones too.

Here's Keira in her dresses.  Don't worry there will be better pictures to come, I just wanted to give my mom an idea of what they looked like.

Here's Kaylee in her dresses

the first 2 dresses are the same dress there reversable

The rest of this blog is going to be random things from this past week

The girls took their first bath together.  Keira was still in her little bath but they were in the big tub together.  Kaylee thought is was the greatest thing to have sissy in there with her.  She filled up her cup of water and would dump it on Keira's tummy and they would both laugh.

Keira has been sitting up for longer periods of time.  She still gets to excited and falls to the side.  The other night she sat up for probably 1.5 minutes or more.  When Keira sits up, Kaylee & I clap and say "Yay Keira".  Keira gets excited and Kaylee thinks its the greatest thing.  The other day when Keira was sitting up, Kaylee layed right in front of her and was talking to her and Keira was talk back and smile, it was the sweetest thing I've ever seen!  Their interaction with each other is priceless.  I wanted to get their little conversation on video but I knew if I stood up to get my camera Kaylee would have stopped.  So I just soaked up the moment.

Kaylee's new thing when I sit down to take pictures of Keira is to climb on my back and make silly faces at Keira which makes her get this HUGE smile.  Its so cute

I'm lovin her bright blue eyes

Yesterday my dad stopped by cause we weren't able to go and visit him on Easter, so he brought over the girls Easter stuff.  He got them Pillow Pets.  If you don't know already when I was pregnant with Kaylee we decorated her room with a lady bug theme.  Red, black and white and lady bug accents.  So when she was born her nickname became Kayleebug.  On her 1st birthday she got a lot of lady bug stuff.  We shortened Kaylee's nickname to just BUG.  So when Keira came along my brother gave her the nickname Itty Bitty Bug.  Well my dad got each of the girls Lady Bug Pillow Pets.  Well I've seen these in WalMart and wanted to get one for Kaylee for the longest time, well Kaylee got a BIG one and they found a SMALL one for Keira.  They found them at CVS.  These pillows are so cute.  They each took a nap with them yesterday.  Kaylee decided to name her's DOUG and she named Keira's STAN!  LOL


  1. Love all the dresses! Especially the red one on Keira and the purple flowery one on Kaylee.

    Raya and Brielle have taken a couple baths together too. Raya likes to drown Brielle with cups of water poured on her head! LOL

  2. Those dresses are adorable and I love all of the pictures!! Thats so wonderful that the girls adore each other - how special!