Sunday, August 14, 2011

27 Months Old


You turned 27 months old yesterday. I cant believe how fast your growing.  I know I've said that like every month.  You are turning into such a beautiful little girl.  You have the attitude of a 16 year old already!  Minus your attitude/sassyness you are a sweet little girl.

You make mommy & daddy laugh on regulaar basis.  I often wonder where you learn some of the stuff that comes out of your mouth.

Lately you've been telling me that you LOVE CHOCOLATE and its your FAVORITE, funny thing is is you've never eatin chocolate and you do the same thing with ice cream and again you don't eat ice cream!  You have quite the imagination these days.  I love watching your little mind work and discover new things.

I did a little interview with you the other day which was pretty fun & funny
Mommy asked you a few of your favorite things and some of your answers didn't go with my questions.  You would talk about something else.

Here's our interview
Mommy: What's your favorite food?
K: Chocolate mom, its delicious....I love it
M: you don't even eat chocolate

M: Who's your favorite Mommy or Daddy
K: Unc Josh
M: Uncle Josh is your favorite, what about Mommy
K: no mom, unc josh

M: What's your favorite cartoon?
K: Ni Hao, Kai-Lan

M: What's your favorite color?
K: daddy
M: daddy's your favorite color
K: no mom, black orange tiger

M: What's your favorite animal?
K: buzz and diego
M: buzz and diego aren't animals
K: fishies, I wike fishies mom

You are such a smart little girl.  On the way up to the lake this weekend you were watching your Blue's Clue's and the word JUMP came on the screen and you said each letter as they came on the screen.  I was impressed since we haven't really been working on our ABCs very mcuh.

Some of your favorite phrases to say lately are
  • Mom I farted....see?
  • Kara come play me
  • you love to color and read
  • you love to swim
  • you know that a tiger is black and orange
  • you talk to your dolls
  • you love to play pretend
  • you can count to 15
  • you can recognize numbers 1-13
  • you go potty all by yourself
  • you still take one nap (3 hours)
  • you have an attitude and talk back
  • your vocabulary is awesome! (you talk all day)
  • you go to grandma's 2 days a week (you love that)
  • you jumped off the rock into the pool by yourself
  • you love playing with sissy

Favorite Food - chicken nuggets
Favorite Cartoon - Olivia & Fresh Beat Band
Favorite Person - Uncle Josh
Favorite Toy - your babies
Favorite Movie - Toy Story III
Favorite Animal - giraffe

You don't like - veggies
You don't like - having your hair done
You don't like - when you get put in time out
You don't like - picking up your toys
You don't like - when people change the channel from cartoons

Mommy & Daddy are proud of all you have learned these last 27 months.
You are such a joy to have around, sometimes you make mommy want to pull her hair out when you don't listen or whine all day but your sweetness out weighs all of that.

Weight: 26.75lbs
Height: 34"
Clothes: 2T
Undies: 2T
Shoes: 7

BEDTIME:  You go to bed between 8:30-9.  You make your rounds and give everyone kisses and hugs and daddy puts you to bed every night, which you love.  Your bed is full of your Olivia stuffed animals.  Daddy tucks you in and you go right to sleep. You have a gate on your door cause when you would wake up you would go downstairs and color on the walls.  So when you wake up in the morning around 8 you call for mommy to come get you.  You have been such an awesome sleeper, I wish sissy got your sleeping habits!

EATING:  You have always been an awesome eater and you still are.  You will eat pretty much anything. You don't really like veggies to much right now.  You are more into fruits.  You love your bananas & peaches!  You feed yourself using your fork or spoon.

I'm glad that God chose me to be your mommy.
You've made my life better
I couldn't imagine my life without you
I love you with all my heart



  1. Your girls are adorable! Just started reading your blog and love it. I just started one myself and put yours on there so my readers can enjoy your sweet & sassy girls!


  2. Awww- I LOVE the interview! What a sweet idea! I'm sure it's something you and she both will love to look back at.