Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Project: Car Organizer

As a mom of 2 I sometimes tend to forget things I need for the girls when we leave the house.
More times then not, I will forget Kaylee's juice cup, diapers for Keira or something to keep them occupied. So while crusing around on Pinterest I found this awesome car organizer and decided that I needed to make one for my car.  You put everything you need into a cute box and put everything you might forget or something you may need.  Like if your kid has a blow out, you'll have a change of clothes.

So in mine you can find...
  • a juice cup for Kaylee
  • a bib
  • extra pair of undies for Kaylee
  • diapers/wipers for Keira
  • a change of clothes for both girls
  • 2 books to read
  • a bottle for Keira

I had an extra bin lying around the house, took some ribbon & decorated it and I am now the proud owner of a car organizer that I will leave in my car, just in case of emergencies or because I'm forgetful!

Here was my inpiration for the car organizer

here is my final product. 
 I will need to change out and refresh the change of clothes as my girls get bigger, but this thing is going to be a life saver.  I recommend one for every mom!


  1. Great idea! I will be making one ASAP. Thanks for the idea:)

  2. I needed that today! Got to McDonalds to let Raya play and right as she was climbing in the play tunnels I saw her wet pants! Child rode home sitting on a raincoat b/c I didn't have anything else in the car LOL


  3. That is awesome! Did u see the plastic cereal box w a grocery sack put in it as a trashcan for the car! I did that! Oh yeah GENIUS! Lol! Why didn't we originally think of these things?