Monday, August 29, 2011

9 Months Old


At 9 months old your filled with curiosity, you crawl, explore and put EVERYTHING in your mouth.  You eat like a champ, but most of all your so sweet, cuddly and smile a ton!

Your little personality is really starting to shine through, you have a little temper on you.  You can be impatient like your daddy but most of all you are such a happy girl.  You almost always have a smile on your face.  I love hearing your little laugh.  I love that when you when come home from visiting with grandma for a few hours and you see me that you get so excited and you give me a hug & kiss when grandma hands you over.  It makes me feel special.  You are a total mommy's girl and I love that, since your sister is a daddy's girl.

When you wake up in the morning you always are calling for mama until you see my face and then you get the hugest smile on your face.  I love that you wake up in such a happy mood.  You are definetly different than your sister.  It's fun to see how different your personalities are at this age.

SLEEPING:  We are finally back to you sleeping good again after having 2 weeks of you waking up 2-3 times a night because of your teeth.  You go to bed at 9pm and will wake up around 4-4:30 drink a bottle and then will go back to sleep till 8.  So it's been so nice for mommy to be getting sleep again and not feel like a walking zombie.  I'm really hoping you keep this up and mommy is really hoping that you'll start sleeping through the night soon.

EATING:  You are wanting so much to be eating people food and I'm slowly introducing it to you.  You are become less interested in baby food and only want to try and eat people food.  I guess I can start trying to give you more people food since your good at chewing and you don't gag.  So far you've eaten cheez its, animals crackers, little pieces of chicken (which you LOVED) and gold fish that your sister gave you (cause she was sharing).  I think this month we'll try bananas & eggs.  I'm sure we'll try more.


TEETH:  You have your 2 bottom teeth with 2 more bottom teeth that just broke through.  So that's a total of 4 teeth.  I don't see any sign of your top teeth coming in anytime soon.

CLOTHES:  You totally skipped over wearing 9 month clothes and are wearing some of your sister's 12 month summer clothes, they are a little big on you.  When mommy went fall/winter shopping for you I got you 18 month clothes cause we still have 2 months before fall/winter is here.  So mommy figured it'd be ok if the clothes were to big rather than having them be to small.  You know what's sad, you & your sister will be able to wear the same clothes soon.  It will save mommy a lot of money!  LOL  You want to hear something even more interesting, your sister is 34.25" long and you are 28.75" long.  WOW is all I can say, I think you might pass your sister up in the height department!!

Diaper Size: 4 (big on you but you were leaking out of size 3 @ night)
Clothes Size: 12 months
Shoe Size: 2
Hair: Dark Brown
Eye: Dark Blue

Things you've been up to last month!
  • you still have NO stranger anxiety
  • you say mama all the time & I think I may have heard you say bye bye (no dada yet)
  • you can now pull yourself up to the standing position
  • you can get into the sitting position from the crawling position
  • you love to play with your sister
  • you are mesmorized by Blue's Clue's
  • you went to the lake for the 1st time

  • you learned to wave
  • you can now blow raspberries & bubbles
  • you still wont roll over while laying on your back!
  • you've taken a few steps while holding onto the furniture
  • you went to the zoo for the 1st time & loved it 8/23/11
  • you sit on your knees all the time
  • you shake your head NO (totally adorable!)

One more month & you'll be in the double digits and mommy will be counting down the days till your 1st birthday which is coming up so fast.  Only 3 months till my baby is ONE.  Its so hard to believe, I want time to slow down a little bit, which I've asked it repeatedly to do & it isn't listening to me at all.  In fact it seems like it's speeding up faster.  But I am enjoying every minture that I get to spend with you.

You hate to get dressed and have your diaper changed.  You squirm all over the place, I have to hand you a toy to keep you distracted long enough to change your diaper or get you dressed.

  P.S Mommy is loving those chubby little cheeks of yours.

Thank you for being such a happy and easy baby.
Mommy, Daddy & Sissy love you



  1. Happy 9 months Keira!!

    GREAT pics!!

  2. So cute! I love all of your photos... And that hat is ADORABLE! Happy 9 months! :)

  3. Way too much cuteness in this entry! :-)

    I recognize those hats of Kaylees hehe. Brielle is going to be able to wear some of the winter stuff Raya wore her very first winter I think, because Raya was such a chunkbutt!!!


  4. Every single one of those pictures is adorable. Did Shawna make the 9 month onsie or do you make them too? I need some! Love the hats too!

    Mrs. Mommy

  5. She is absolutely PRECIOUS! And, I love her thick hair!!

  6. you have 4 small pictures in a row where shes wearing the black hat with 3 flowers on it. i think the 2nd one looks a lot like kaylee. and the big one above the 4 small ones they look JUST alike. they seem to be looking more and more alike :) happy 9 months keira!!!

  7. Happy 9 Months sweet Keira! I love ALL of the pictures- I don't think I could even pick a favorite. I love the bottom picture too with all of her loves. Too sweet!

  8. So sweet!! I love all her expressions...and those hats are so great!

  9. I love, love, love the bear beanie! Too cute! In fact, I love all the hats and the blue flowered head band! :D She is truly a doll baby!

  10. Your girls are absolutely ADORABLE! I love all of these ideas that you have found on pinterest as well. I love her little beanie!! Thank you for stopping by my blog =)

  11. ok seriously how freakin cute are her beanies. love them!!!! :)