Sunday, August 21, 2011

Boys will be boys

No I don't have a son but I have 2 guys that live here that act like BOYS
The other day while playing in the pool Jason & my brother decided to drag our cooler into the pool and then climb inside it.  It made for a good laugh, that's for sure!

Jason put Kaylee inside it and she HATED it!
She screamed and cried the whole time.
I thought she'd like it cause they were pretending it was a boat but she wasn't having it!

Once they took her out she kept saying "I don't want to play with daddy anymore, I to small"
The kid cracks me up with the stuff she comes up with!

I mean even the dogs got in on the fun!


I'm trying to grow Kaylee's bangs out.  They are so long she reminds me of the little kid from Liar Liar.  They hang in the middle of her eyes.  So I try to pin them back and just let them grow.  I was getting tired of her bangs and I think she was too, she was always pushing them out of her face.
She HATES to have her hair done.  Its like a chore, as soon as she see's me with the comb she runs off saying "NO MOM dont want hair done"  Well to bad cause she gets her hair done and cries the whole time.  She would rather be playing instead of standing there for 5 minutes to get her hair done!



  1. Those pictures of the cooler are hilarious!!!

    I love Kaylee without bangs :-) I reward Raya with a peice of candy if she sits to let me do her hair. It's worth it to me LOL.

    Keira is too adorable!


  2. omg that is hilarious. seriously boys will be boys...there is no other way to say it :)