Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Simple Things / Baby Sale

I find that the simple things in life are what make me that happiest.
Watching my girls play together
Watching Kaylee swim like a big girl in the pool
Watching Keira become more mobile (crawling to walking in the walker)
All of these things just put a smile on my face and make my heart melt

Hearing the giggles from two little girls while their playing is PRICELESS and makes my eyes all misty.  I love that my girls get along so well and enjoy being with each other.  Yes at times Kaylee can be a little rough and hurts her sister, but its never on purpose.  I love that their sisterly bond grows daily and I'm excited to see what the future holds for them.  I hope that they grow up to be best friends.

Kaylee has come along way this summer with her swimming.  She started out afraid and not really sure about the pool.  But with the help of daddy and Uncle Josh she is a littlt FISH.  She knows that she needs to put her floaties on before she goes any where near the pool.  She climbs into the pool by herself and jumps off the step and swim swim swims.  She doesn't like to be spalshed but she likes to splash you.  I love watching her have so much fun.  She will jump off the rock into the pool by herself but doesn't really like too, she will do it for some candy!  The girl will do anything for food!! LOL

Keira or as we call her SWIPER, cause she's totally into swiping all of Kaylee's things. LOL
Now that she has mastered crawling and not giving mommy any time to sit down any more because she is into everything, I thought I could get lucky and get a little break by putting her in the walker.  Boy was I wrong, she can walk in the walker!  So me thinking she would be imobile in the walker was wrong.  While we were outside yesterday afternoon while watching Kaylee swim....Keira was all over the back yard in the walker.  So mommy didn't relax and enjoy the sunshine cause I was chasing Little Miss around making sure she didn't go by the pool, which is where she wanted to be!  So my only break I get is when she's in the pack n play playing and its a double bonus when Kaylee wants to get in there and play with her.  WINNING!  Kaylee cant get out of it, so it makes a nice break for mommy to do school or blog when I should be doing school work!  Keira cracks me up with her different facial expressions she makes

I love this face

see her 2 bottom teeth, she has another bottom tooth about to pop through

* * * *

Also just wanted to see if any of you new moms or mommies to be would be interested in some baby clothes & baby things?  I'm trying to sell some of Keira's baby clothes.  There's a range of different seasons, there's summer & winter.  I have over a 160 pieces of clothes & shoes.  The sizes I selling are 3-6, 6 months & 6-12 month stuff. 

The baby stuff I'm trying to sell is a jumperoo, swing, car seat, bumbo & a sit n push elmo plane

So if you would be interested in this I can post all the pictures I have on here and you can let me know what you want.  I'm asking $1 each for the clothes & $2 dollars for the shoes or you can have everything for $150.00

So if you'd be interested in looking at what I have let me know and I'll do a whole post with all the pictures
Trying to sell these clothes so I can go out and buy the girls their winter clothes.


  1. I'd love to see the baby clothes and shoes you have for sale! A girl can never have too many of either. :)

  2. Such cutie pies....great pictures.

  3. What cuties! I would be interested in seeing what you have as well. I mainly am in need of 6 months and above so we can gear up for fall/winter. :) Lana

  4. I love that black & white picture of the girls together! PRECIOUS!!

  5. LOVE the one of Kaylee kissing cute!!!!!


  6. What season are the 6-12 month clothes...any fall/winter? I am trying to gather fall and winter 6-12 month clothing for Sophie!