Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's been a big week for Keira

Being a stay at home mom is the BEST job I could ever ask for.
I love that I'm able to stay home with my girls and more importantly I don't miss out on all the important and exciting things that they do daily.

This week has been a BIG HUGE week for Keira
My baby is growing up so fast right before my eyes
I feel like this week she's done so many FIRSTs and I'm glad that I've been able to witness all of them!
She can now....

PULL HERSELF UP (heaven help me)

All of that has happened in the last 4 days.
It's been really exciting and sad for me at the same time
I want her to STOP growing up so fast, she's my last so I want to enjoy her being little for as long as possible!  But I think when you have 2 kids the littlest one seems to grow up so much faster!

I love this face that she makes!

So proud of herself!

Now that Keira is crawling, she tries to follow Kaylee around everywhere.  I don't think Kaylee likes it so much that Keira can now crawl cause she gets into her toys and likes to play with them.  Kaylee will take the toy away from her and run off with them.  I tell Kaylee over and over "you need to share with sissy" and then Kaylee will bend down to Keira and say "you need share sissy".  No Kaylee you need to share your toys with sissy!  She's to funny, its only ok for Keira to play with "her" toys when she gives them to her!

You always hear to watch out for the terrible twos
Kaylee has entered the semi-terrible twos
She has an attitude on her like no other
She's 2 going on 16!

Lately her thing is when I ask her to come here or to do something she says
"No, to bad!"
and then runs off

So she has had a lot of time outs!
Other than not listening and telling me NO, she doesn't really do anything bad
She still is a really good eater & sleeper.
She is so energetic, the kid runs around the house ALL day!

Kaylee is really into MUSIC
She likes to sing, she loves to pretend she's playing the drums & likes to play her hermonica
I would really like to get her in ballet, cause she likes to dance too.
I really want to get her into T-Ball, but she has to be 4!

She is doing so good with going potty.  She will go potty all by herself when she has to go.  She usually tells me she has to go and then she'll run over to her potty and go.  It's been AWESOME.  She takes a nap with her undies on and has had NO accidents.  I'm still a little nervous about nighttime, so I still put a diaper on her.  She wakes up dry every morning and goes potty right when she gets up.  So I might just bite the bullet and take that final step.  We've made lots of outtings and she has had NO accidents either, she's actually used the restrooms.  She is such a big girl & I am so PROUD!

Keira's Sophie the Giraffe has come in handy these last couple of weeks.  If you don't know Sophie the Giraffe is a teething giraffe.  Keira has been chewing away on it for the last week, since both of her bottom teeth have broke through.  Mommy is hoping and praying that since her bottom teeth have FINALLY broke through that Little Miss will start sleeping better at night!  Last night she woke up at 1am, 3am & 6:30am this morning.  It's been like that for the past 3 days.  So I am hoping that since the second tooth just broke through she'll get back to only waking up once or maybe I'll get even luckier and she'll start sleeping through the night!!  I can dream right!?!

So far this week has been a great week spent with my girls
We've enjoyed LOTS of FIRSTs for Keira
Kaylee is doing AWESOME with pottying (it's been a month in a half since we started)

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Happy Thursday


  1. I don't know where to begin commenting on the cuteness here! LOL!!!!!

  2. Wow! It is a big week for your girls! It's all such fun stuff, too! Do you have any tips for me to get LL to go poo in the potty? I need all the help I can get in that department!

  3. We love our Sophie the us through some rough times! I just love seeing pics of your 2 cuties:)

  4. Keira has had a busy go girl!!!

    Yay for Kaylee on the potty....I think that we are going to tackle potty training with Blake within the next couple of weeks! I am nervous!!

  5. Raya has been telling me "go away Mama!" ....yeah, Miss Attitude :-P

    Love all the pics...can't believe how old Kiera is looking!


  6. Oh my goodness - what a big week for Keira!!!! And big hugs for Kaylee on her potty training - you must be so thrilled!!! The pictures are beautiful - as always:)

  7. awww these pictures make my heart melt! Isn't it kinda so sad how they grow up so quickly?? I mean, sometimes in the middle of the night when they are awake and screaming and crying we want them to just GROW UP ALREADY but when they DO, its soooo sad!!!! tears... :(

  8. Keira. Stop it right now! lol. This growing up thing is so depresssssing! And can Kaylee come over and tell Raya how cool it is to be potty trained? Thanks :)
    I have a question: Do you want any more kids? Or now that Keira has hit the "growing up too fast" stage do you want another baby???