Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sister Time

"Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. 
You know whatever you do, they'll still be there"

My girls mean the world to me and I love being there mom but sometimes mommy needs a break from chasing them around the house.  So that's when the pack n play comes in handy, when mom needs to do school work or clean the house the girls go in the pack n play together so I can get things done.  They have the best time playing in there together.  I love to hear the laughter and sometimes crying from Keira cause Kaylee is being to rough.  I love watching how Kaylee can make Keira laugh by just looking at her.  They are so cute together and I hope that as time goes on the bond between them continues to grow.

See how Kaylee can go from so loving to being a meany.  Look at that look on her face!

The girls also really enjoy bath time together.  Well I think more so Kaylee than Keira.  Keira gets the short end of the stick.  Kaylee likes to take the cup and dump the water on Keira's head, then Keira gets mad and yells at Kaylee.  But Keira does enjoy her bath, she likes to splash and make a huge watery mess all the over the kitchen floor.  Yes my kids take a bath in the kitchen sink.  It's big and a lot easier on my back.  The master bathroom has a bath tub but theres double sliding doors and its really hard to give both girls a bath and bending over the bath is a killer on my back.  So I make it easier for me and give them a bath in the kitchen sink.

"Sisters are different flowers from the same garden"


Kaylee doesn't like having her hair washed!  Such a drama queen!


  1. Loving the kitchen sink bath! Your house seems like so much fun:)

  2. Your sink is huge! I'm jealous! I love the pictures! Too cute! I have 3 younger sisters and I wouldn't trade any of them for anything (most of the time ;)

  3. Oh goodness, look at that smile from Kiera in the bath!! So adorable :) And I love the picture of them in the pack n play where Kiera is biting the side of sweet of both of them!

    and seriously, could our girls be more alike???
    Lid is the same way... loves the water but hates her hair washed... oh and is a huge bully to Carly. But Carly can hold her own lately :)

  5. That is an awesome bonding moment and they won't know it for so long! And you have an amazing sink - FYI! My sink is tiny compared to yours

    Your girls are too adorable