Saturday, August 6, 2011

One on One Time

I always enjoy when I get to spend one on one time with my girls
Just the two of us!
The girls went down for a nap at the same time, but Keira woke up before Kaylee
So I decided that Keira & I would head outside to play and have a little photo shoot

She is turning into such a big girl
She is able to stand up while holding onto things
tries to dance while she's standing up!
I mean could this kid get any cuter!?!

She is a total mama's girl and I love it.
I enjoyed our time together.


The faces that Keira makes, make me laugh.
She's a funny little girl
Her personality is really starting to show

Now that she is crawling every where I need
vacuum and sweep every day (multiple times a day even)
cause she finds everything and puts it in her mouth
Time to put the plugs in the outlet holes, they were in there but Kaylee has taken them all out.

Check out the many faces of Keira
love this picture

The tounge is out all the time!

* * * *

Now that Keira is able to crawl Kaylee doesn't like it at all!
Kaylee was trying to do a puzzle this morning and Keira came crawling over and was bugging Kaylee trying to get the puzzle pieces.  Kaylee got so mad, she was yelling "NO KEIRA THIS MY PUZZLE" then would pick up and move a little bit, but there was Keira right behind her to do it all over again.  Mommy thought it was funny, but Kaylee certainly didn't!

I'm sure it will only get worse as they get older! haha

* * * *

Happy Saturday
We are just hanging out around the house today
After nap time we are heading to Best Buy to get a few things.


  1. That first tongue picture is soooooo adorable!! And I love her little shoes!


  2. Such cute pictures! I love her outfit! :) I'm sure that it will only get worse as they get older. My sister and I that are very close in age, use to fight ALL THE TIME when we were kids and now she's my best friend :)

  3. Precious pics of a precious little girl! I can only imagine how things are going to change when Lydia is on the move around here. Right now all Mackaylan wants is a playmate, but when the time actually comes she might change her mind. However, there is nothing like the bond between sisters! :) Lana

  4. Oh my goodness, those little shoes are adorable and Keira is as precious as always!

  5. Oh my gosh, I LOVE THE SHOES! AH! Too cute! :-)