Monday, August 15, 2011

Dr Visit!

These past 2 days have been very trying!
Keira pretty much has been crying non stop all day long (except when she's napping).
She's tugging at her ear, has a snoty nose & has been coughing/wheezing

The non stop crying has almost put me over the edge a few times
She doesn't sleep to well at night and has been waking up multiple times
So I've been bringing her into bed with us, to snuggle...she seems to sleep better.
She cries and calls for mama and it breaks my heart.
I was making dinner last night and she crying and crawling to where I was, tugging at my pants and calling for me to pick her up.  She's only semi happy when mommy is holding her.  Nobody else makes her happy.  I'm glad to get a little break when she naps, it helps me get my sanity back!

Last week before all the madness of non stop crying
I called and made myself an appt to go to the dr's cause I thought I might have an inner ear infection
So jump to Monday my dr appt is at 5:30pm
And I decided that maybe I should make Keira an appt to make sure everything is fine with her.
Jason's mom even mentioned that Keira might have an ear infection.
So I made an appt for her as well today
My appt got changed to 6:15pm and her's is at 7pm (I didn't even know our dr stayed open that late)
So lets hope that we can figure out what we have and get started on medicine so that we are all better!
Cause mommy doesn't know how much more crying all day long I can handle...

The verdict is in and.....
Mommy had a lot of wax in her ear.  I clean my ears on a regular basis but I guess I was pushing the wax further in my ear instead of getting it out.  So I had so much wax that my ear canal was CLOSED!  Which explains why I couldn't hear very well.  So they mixed saline water, hot water & peroxide and then filled it with a syringe and flushed my ear out.  Sorry TMI but a huge wax ball came out and OMG I can hear again!  My ear hurts like hell now and I'm dizzy which is all normal.  But I'm glad that now that my ear in clear I will start feeling like myself again!

Keira doesn't have an ear infection and her lungs are clear, which is all good.
She does have a red throat and snotty nose and has more teeth coming in
So Dr said to continue to give her tylenol and suck out her nose!

So here's to hoping that our house gets back to normal soon
I don't know how much longer this mommy can handle hearing a crying little one all day on top of Kaylee whining when she doesn't get her way!

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  1. I hope y'all are all 100% again soon - I know our limits go further when we become mommies, but even mommies have our limits - I've been there.