Monday, August 22, 2011

Not knowing I was pregnant until 20 weeks

On Friday I posted a post about 50 things you didn't know about me and  one of those things was...
That I didn't know I was pregnant with Keira (my 8.5 month old) until I was 20 weeks along!

Lets start from the beginning, after having my first daughter Kaylee in May 2009, I breastfeed her for 2 months before my milk ran out.  My period then showed up 2 months later and then from then on they were never regular.  My period would show up and then I'd go 2 months without one and then it would come and I'd go months without one again.  I just thought it was my body trying to readjust itself. (NOTE: I was on birth control - the patch)
So jump to when Kaylee is 9 months old, I'm planning and getting ideas for her 1st birthday.  Having NO IDEA that February 2010 I would fall pregnant with Keira.  So more than a few months had went by without my period showing up and at first I thought oh this is normal and I'll wait till next month and see if it comes. I decided that if it didn't come by march that I would take a pregnancy test.  Well the end of March rolled around and still NO period, so I headed to the store and bought a pregnancy test (2 sticks).  So I peed on the stick and 3 minutes later I saw NEGATIVE!  So I was like ok I guess my body is just being weird, my periods have always been irregular so why should it be any surprise. 

So now it's May 2010 and we're celebrating Kaylee's 1st birthday.  Still NO period, which I thought by that time was a little weird that it never showed up.  So June I took another pregnancy test and again it came back NEGATIVE! 

My hubby was due to leave for 2 weeks for work purposes and before he left he said "ok I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but are you sure your not pregnant, you look like you've put on a little weight".  I will admit I had a little pudge, but it looked like the pudge you get before your period.  I told him "NO I'M NOT PREGNANT, I took 2 tests and they both came out NEGATIVE".  He said "ok well while I'm gone why don't you go into the dr's and get checked".  So I said "fine I'll go while your gone and see what's up."

My hubby was leaving that next morning for his trip.  So I called and made an appt for a few days later.  My appt comes and I have my mom watch Kaylee and I don't say anything to her other than I have a dr's appt and I'll be back.  I headed to Stockton and checked in and waited for them to call my name.  I was a little nervous about the outcome.  I thought there's NO way I'm pregnant.  I don't have any symptoms at all and I don't have a bump at all.  With Kaylee I started showing at 13 weeks and felt nausea and my smells were out of control.  With my second pregnancy I had none of that.  I never felt sick or anything!

I hear the nurse call my name and I walk through the door thinking "can I really be pregnant?"  I stepped on the scale and only weighed 2lbs more than my original weight!  So they had me take a pee test and blood test.  They put a rush on it cause of when I told them my last period was and how if I was pregnant I didn't know how far along I would be.  So they sent all my blood out and called for an ultrasound machine to come in.  I'm laying on the bed and am totally nervous about what I'm going to find out.  The dr comes in and puts the gel on the ultrasound that goes in vaginaly for earlyweeks into pregnancy.  The dr had a concerned look on her face and was like you are PREGNANT and your further along than 12 weeks cause I cant see anything, so I need to change to the ultrasound that goes on your belly. She put the gel on my belly and was taking all the measurments to get an estimate on how far along I was.  She said your 19 weeks & 5 days along.  All I kept thinking was "how did this happen & me not know about it".

After finding out this news I was shocked, happy & nervouse as to how my hubby would react.  Remember he's still gone for work for another week.  I didn't want to tell him over the phone that I was prego, although it may have been easier.  LOL   Lets fast foward a week and the hubby gets home from his trip.  We hang out we visit and when we head upstaires to go to bed we're watching TV and he asks again...."are you sure your not pregnant?".....I am silent, he goes "BABE!"  and I said "I AM but that's not the crazy news, when I went to the dr they said I'm 20 weeks along"  I swear to you he fell off the bed!

After the shock of it wore off we told our parents about a week later cause it was to the point where I was showing now at 22 weeks and couldn't really hide it.

From then on I would take pictures of my belly every 2 weeks until I hit 30 weeks and then I took them every week.  We told our parents and they were shocked at how far along I was and didn't have a single symptom and the that the pregnancy tests I took were all NEGATIVE.  This pregnancy was a breeze, it was so easy.  At every doctor appt she was measuring 2 weeks small, so I had to get ultrasounds every so often to make sure she was growing on track.

Oh wait I'm jumping ahead a little, once we told our parents they were happy and we were starting to get happy about it too.  So now the hubbies thinking ok, I might get lucky and get a boy this time!  My mom did all the wise tales on me and they all pointed towards BOY.  I did this chinese gender thing I found online it said BOY.  I had tons of dreams where the baby was a BOY.  So I thought all of this was a sign.  At 25 weeks I go in for the BIG ultrasound (jason couldn't come cause he was working) and guess what


I called Jason right after my appt and told him that he was going to have another little girl.  At first he was a little disapointed but he wouldn't change being the daddy of little girls for anything.  At least until they become teenagers...LOL  We told our family there was going to be another little girl joining the family and they were all excited since in both mine & Jason's family there are all boys and before I had my two girls there were only 2 girls.

Towards the end of my pregnancy I started to get really uncomfortable and ready for her to be here.  Also towards the end of my pregnancy we were packing our house up to move yet again.  So imagine being 8 months pregnant with an 18 month old trying to pack up your house to move.  OMG let me tell you, never do it!  I wish we could have hired someone!!  I packed stuff and Kaylee unpacked the stuff.  It was a nitemare.

 As the weeks crept closer to my due date I thought for sure I was going to go early, just a feeling.  I was wrong though.  I went a week early with Kaylee.  So as Halloween came and gone I was that much closer to my due date...YAY.  As we got closer to Thanksgiving I was really hoping that she didn't come until after Thanksgiving.  My original due date was Dec 2nd,2010.

Thanksgiving came and went and I was wishing this baby would just come out.  I went for my 39 week appt and then had an ultrasound that same day.  My mom watched Kaylee and I went to my dr appt.  everything looked good, I was 2cm dialated and 60% effaced.  I only gained 18lbs total this time around (gained 26lbs with Kaylee).  My dr told me if I didn't have her by 40 weeks he would induce.  Once my dr appt was over I headed to the ultrasound place, I was happy that I was going to see Keira again before I would have her and I would get an idea of how big she would be!  The lady was doing all the measurments, she was measuring right on track, she had a head full of hair and was weighing in at about 7lbs.  She measured my fluid and then said she'd be right back.  So at that point I got a little nervous cause I've never had an u/s tech leave and then come back.  She said we were done and she was waiting for a phone call from my dr and to sit in the waiting room.  "I'm thinking what the heck is going on".  So the u/s tech called my name handed me an envelope and said "your dr wants you to go to the hospital right away to be induced".  "I was like is there something wrong? Should I be worried?"  "She said all I can tell you is that you have extremely low fluid and you need to go to the hospital"

Ok enter freaking out mom on the drive back to the hospital.  I called my mom and then called Jason.  Jason was working 45 minutes away.  My mom met up with Jason's mom to drop off Kaylee.  I was at the hospital by myself for almost an hour before my mom showed up and then Jason showed up about 30 minutes after my mom.  I was so nervous and hoped that everything was ok.  The dr checked me I was 3cm and 70% effaced and then hooked me up to IVs and started me on pitocin.

My labor lasted 15 hours, a whole 3 hours shorter than what it was with Kaylee.  Fast foward to 14 hours 40 mintues and it was time to push!  I pushed for 20 mintues once her head was out the dr was yelling at me to push push push, I was pushing all I could and felt like nothing was happening.  Her shoulders came out and then pulled her quick and then called in the NICU team.  At that point I have no idea what's going on and am freaking out a little bit cause they just took her away. 

When they took her away Jason went with them to make sure she was ok.  He came back in 20 mintues later, tell me everything was ok they freaked out because the cord was wrapped around her neck twice and when she came out she wasn't really responding, so they needed to stimulate her.

What a relief.
Oh and by the way this mom is super mom cause I had both of my girls with NO DRUGS.
I was to afraid to have an epidural cause I don't like needles at all and then thinking of having a needle go into my back gave me really bad anxiety.  So I just breathed through each contraction and surprised myself that I did it with no drugs. 

So there you have it....
my crazy story on how I didn't find out I was pregnant with Keira until I was 20 weeks along.



  1. WOW! That is incredible!! I can't imagine not knowing but I can see why it was so crazy for you and how you didn't know at all!! I'm glad she was a healthy baby and still is :)

  2. this post melted my heart. what lovely surprise she was :)

  3. That is SO crazy! But awesome that everything turned out fine! She is a beautiful little girl!

  4. Such a great story! How crazy is that, but I can tell that both of your girls are such blessings! I have always been leery of the prego tests you buy because of stories like this! I'd rather just go to my local health dept and get a free pregnancy test that's legit! :)

  5. Wow! Great story! Beautiful family a Beautiful blessing From GOD! =)

  6. Wow! Thanks for sharing your story. I can relate.

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  8. May I just ask you...did your blood and urine test come out positive that time around? I have a friend(yeah, I know, everyone say that but really!LOL!) who IS showing...appears to be 18 weeks, but all tests are negative and her doctor did not want to do an ultrasound last time she went in. Granted, that was four weeks ago...pretty soon they won't have a choice. But, just curious if the test was still negative at that point?