Saturday, August 27, 2011

So Thankful

Sending lots of prayers for the people who have been or might be affected by hurrican Irene.
But I am so thankful that I live in CA and am away from any hurricane.
I don't think I could handle what comes with a hurricane and I would be so worried especially having my kids.  So I just hope that all the people stay safe.

When you read about hurricanes and the damage that they cause it makes you so thankful for what you have and it makes me realize that not getting sleep, having my 9 month cry all day and having a messy house isn't anything compaired to what people have to go through when a hurricane rips through their house and then they have nothing.  So I am very thankful for everything that I have.

* * * *

On Thursday (I know I'm a little late with this post) once the weather cooled off a bit the girls & I headed out front to wear the girls out play and enjoy time together.  Keira's new thing is every time I put her on the grass all she wants to do is eat it.  So over the last few days she's tried to eats lots of grass!  She loves to rub her feet in the grass too.  Kaylee enjoys running up and down the street.

I really enjoy the time I get to spend with my girls even if it's little things like sitting in the front yard and watching them play with each other or by theirselves.  When they play nicly together it just melts my heart.

She stubbed her toe while running!

"Can we go inside & get out of this heat!"

Mommy's newish SUV, I love it!

* * * *
On Friday Daddy & Uncle Josh had the day off and were working on Uncle Josh's truck all day.  So the girls and I just hung around the house playing puzzles, reading books, Kaylee playing peek a boo & watching cartoons!


After all the playing the girls went down for a nap and mommy finished cleaning up the house.  Once the girls woke up I got Kaylee ready to go to Grandma's house.  We played for an hour outside before Grandma got there.  Kaylee then left and we ran some errands and then headed to my dad's house to show him my new car.  Grandma called to say that Kaylee wanted to spend the night.  So we were down to one child.  We headed home around 9 (my dad lives 5 mintues from us).  Once home I put Keira in her jammies and she went to bed.  This past week she has been sleeping so much better.  Only waking up once, which has been awesome.  She's been going to bed at 9 and waking up around 4-4:30, has a bottle and then goes back to sleep till around 8.

* * * *
Come Saturday morning we woke up around 7:30 got ready and went downstaires.  Daddy made cinnomon rolls for breakfast, which tasted so good!!  We then loaded the dogs and ourselves into the truck and headed to the post office so I could send out a package and then went to pick Kaylee up.

We hung out at Jason's parents house for about an hour before leaving.  We walked around their pond where we saw some BIG frogs and some crawfish.  We left there and headed to Petsmart to get some dog food and then headed home to put the girls down for a nap!

Once the girls wake up were headed to Discovery Bay for a little party and then to visit some friends.
Tomorrow we'll be hanging out around the house cause daddy has an air show.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Such cute pictures!! Looks like you've had some fun with your girls lately and that's awesome :) I love that kissy face that Kiera makes. And the doll pic is a bit creepy for sure lol.

  2. Love that first one of Kaylee!! ...and the doll one is totally creepy :-)


  3. Sounds like you have had a few good days, and I love the caption about your "newish" car. We have one of those too! ha I am waiting on some photography tutorials???! :) Lana

  4. Your girls have such beautiful eyes!!
    I wanted to make sure I came by to tell you thank you for the sweet comment on my vlog!
    You should totally do it too so I can hear your voice!

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend!