Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Girl & her doll

Kaylee has always liked to play with her dolls here and there
But just recently she's been playing with this one doll all the time
This doll goes swimming with her, takes nap with her and they even share snack time.
It's so cute to watch her play pretend with her doll.
She'll talk to the doll and ask it questions and then sit in silence waiting for her doll to respond.

Around 11am yesterday daddy left to go to his friends house so he could help him put his jet ski motor back together.  So the girls and I hung out and watched some cartoons before putting them both down for a much needed nap.  Kaylee woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, she whined and cried all morning about anything and everything!  Made me want to rip my hair out!!

So after nap time, daddy was still gone so the girls and I headed outside to play.
Of course Kaylee brought her baby, her new BFF!
She decided she wanted to go swimming, so she swam for about 30 minutes before she got out to play

After getting out of the pool she needed a potty break, so she went pee pee and headed back outside to play.  30 minutes of swimming really worked up an appetite, so I got her a little snack.  Being that her baby is new BFF they "shared" her snack and drink.  Total CUTENESS!

Asking her baby if she wanted some cheerios

Drink for you....

Drink for me!

Kisses for sissy

She set up her baby like that all by herself

No treats for Kona, just a hug instead!

You want a try!?

After being naked for a little bit I decided it was time to put her clothes back on.  Like that tan line she has?!  After snack she played with her chalk and with Keira.  Keira hung out on a blanket for a little bit before trying to make her escape to the pool.  After trying to get into the pool numerous time mommy decided it was time to go into the walker.  She loves that thing, cause she can make it move!

Kaylee pushing sissy right towards the pool...
I asked Kaylee "What are you doing?"
She said "sissy go swimming"
I said "No I don't think so"
Kaylee "Ok mom"

After being outside for an hour in a half mommy decided it was time to come in and get things ready for dinner.  Although it was 5:15pm and daddy or uncle josh wasn't home yet.  So we're sitting here waiting for daddy to get home, so we can eat dinner.

I've learned over the 9 years being with my hubby that when he says it should "only" take a couple hours that that really means "I'll be gone all day".  Those were his famous words this morning when he left at 11am, "I should only be a couple hours".  I would classify a couple hours as 2-3 not 6! 

I pulled out chicken to defrost so that I could made chicken parmesan for dinner.
Daddy wasn't going to make it home & my brother didn't want chicken
So he ended up getting us In-N-Out for dinner
Daddy finally got home at 10:30

Minus all the whining and crying from yesterday morning I had a good day with the girls!
* * * *

On Thursday we are heading to the lake until Sunday!
It should be a good time!
Plus we will be celebrating Daddy's birthday on Sat. 8/13

Need to start making my list of things I need to bring for the girls!

* * * *

Hope everyone had a great weekend
Today is the last day to "Ask Me Anything" before I post all my answers tomorrow!


  1. You really take awesome pictures! And your girls are too sweet--it's so cute that Kaylee takes that doll around with her, you can tell she really loves it :)

  2. I love all your pictures! Your little girls look like so much fun:) Have a great day!

  3. Oh goodness, the picture from behind of Kaylee and the doll sitting side by side is so adorable!!!


  4. Hee hee - these are too cute! I love the first three & the naked bum pics!