Friday, August 19, 2011

50 Things You Didn't Know About ME!

So I was bored yesterday afternoon while the girls took their nap and decided to make a list of 50 Things You Didn't Know About ME.  I should have been cleaning my house but didn't really feel like it.  I did manage to sweep and mop my floors so my kids would stop having dirty knees from all the crawling around on the floor. 

So here we go....

1. I'm really shy
2. I loathe ants with a passion
3. I've been dating my boyfriend for 9 years - high school sweet hearts
4. I love to bake
5. I wear my jeans 2-3 days before washing them (does that make me gross?!)
6. I don't always get to shower everyday (really I'm not that dirty...I swear)
7. I don't like flying
8. I would love to have ONE more baby (a boy) but we're done having kids
9. I'm in my last semester of school & I will have my Site Supervisor Cert (teaching)
10. I use to have tons of ear infections when I was little (had tubes put in my ears)
11. I weigh the same as I did in high school (i've been out of school for almost 10 years)
12. I'm the only girl of 3 brothers
13. I lived in Las Vegas for a year
14. I have a best friend I've known since Kindergarten
15. I've never had a hangover
16. I was thrown off a horse when I was a teenager
17. I've never played a musical intrument
18. I wore glasses when I was younger
19. I got my belly button pierced when I was 16 (with my mom)
20. I have 1 tattoo (got at 18)
21. I wanted to be a neonatal nurse before changing my major to teaching
22. Strawberries are my favorite fruit
23. I use to have blonde hair
24. I was asked to do modeling when I was a senior in high school
25. I've never been in a car accident & hope I never am

26. I go weeks without shaving my legs in the winter (you know you do the same thing)
27. I donated 10" of my hair to Locks of Love twice
28. I hate coming up with dinner menu ideas each week
29. I hate sleeping alone
30. I don't like driving next to diesel trucks
31. I didn't know I was pregnant with Keira until I was 20 weeks (long story)
32. Since Jason & I have been together (9 years) we've moved 10 times
33. I own/drive a 50 dirt bike
34. I gave birth to both my girls with NO DRUGS! (winning!!)
35. Dirty Dancing is my favorite movie
36. I gave up drinking soda 9 months ago
37. I have scoliosis
38. I've never broken a bone
39. My toe nails are always painted black
40. I use to live in a travel trailer when I moved back from Vegas
41. I wear my hair up everyday cause I dont have enough time to straighten it
42. I always wanted to be a gymness
43. My favorite color is PINK
44. I love 80s music
45. I love bubble baths
46. I want to get a boob job (since having kids they've disappeared)
47. I hate roller coasters
48. I wish I lived at or near the beach
49. I love scrapbooking
50. Pinterest is my latest obsession

So there you have it...
I hope none of you leave me cause you think I'm a gross mom who doesn't shower everyday or shave her legs in the winter time.  I promise I don't smell!  LOL


  1. I do the same thing with my jeans! I wear them a few times then wash them! Also, I have been known to not shave my legs for longer than I should!

  2. I can't wait to hear your long story about not knowing you were pregnant until you were 20 weeks!

  3. I'm a dirty mom too--jeans worns days in a row, shaving in the winter is for special occassions, and I wish I got a shower everyday, but it doesn't always happen!

    I should do a list like this stuff :-)


  4. I also would love to hear the story of your pregnancy with Keira!!!

  5. I saw this kind of post on another blog and thought I might just need to give it a try. However, that would require that I stop reading and actually write a little! :) Lana

  6. wow we have so much in common :)
    cute post :)

  7. Several things:
    1- SO JEALOUS that you weigh the same that you did in highschool! I would LOVE to weigh that again!
    2- love that you have done locks of love! I've been growing my hair out for 2 years for that same reason!
    3- I also totally want to hear the story of how you didn't know you were pregnant until 20 weeks!

    Great idea for a post! I enjoyed getting to know you a little better and I feel like we are very similar!

  8. These were really great to read!! Thanks for sharing, I might do this soon so people can get to know me a little more :)