Thursday, August 11, 2011

Enjoying the Small Things

Since my girls are growing up way to fast I try to enjoy all the small things they do.
Making sure that I capture every thing they do so I can look back on all the memories they made

Now that Keira is crawling, Kaylee is all about playing with Keira.  They crawl around on the floor together, Kaylee makes sure that Keira doesn't put anything in her mouth she may find on the floor and they have been sharing toys.  It is so awesome to see them interacting together and being sweet to each other.  This last week I brough the pack n play downstairs so that I could put Keira in it when I'm trying to get some house work done.  Well Kaylee always wants to get inside there with Keira.  Which is nice for mommy cause Kaylee cant climb out, so if I'm in dier need of a break than I can put both girls in there!  LOL  They sit in there and play really nice together, I love to hear the laughter that comes from inside the pack n play!

Kaylee has always wanted to help people do things, but as she's getting bigger she wants to help with everything.  Every day when daddy gets home he heads outside to clean the pool, check the levels, put clorine in (if needed) & water the 2 orange trees.  Well Miss Helper goes out there with daddy every day and helps.  Yesterday I finally went out there and took some pictures of her helping.  Usually I let them have their time together, but I wanted to capture the cuteness!  But when there done she gets upset that their all done!  She could water the plants all day long if you let her.

After making puddles on the deck from the water, she did a little jumping in them.  She thought it was the greatest thing.

If any of you watch Dora than you now about SWIPER the Fox.  Well that's what I've recently started calling Keira.  I call her that because she likes to swipe all of Kaylee's stuff.  Well if you remember at the beginning of the week I was talking about Kaylee & her doll....well Swiper has swipped it and has now made her her new BFF.  Keira LOVES to play with this doll.  She gives it kisses and chews on it.  Yesterday while she was in her cage pack n play she was laying there on her pillow with her blanket and baby.  Kaylee was none to happy about it but she let her keep it!  Thank god cause Keira would have started screaming and crying if Kaylee really wanted it.

Trying to get Kaylee's fish

Swipping Kaylee's sippy cup

I cant help it that I think my girls are the cutest girls around!  I mean come on, wouldn't you agree!?!  I love that they look different.  I have one with blonde hair (like me when I was little) and one with brown hair (like daddy when he was little).  Kaylee looks like me when I was little and Keira looks more like Jason's side of the family.  I love their BIG beautiful BLUE eyes.  I think that Keira is going to be taller than Kaylee.  Keira is almost 9 months old and she is already up to Kaylee shoulder. 


Last night we headed to Jason's parents house for a goodbye/birthday.  We all got together to say good bye to Jason's younger brother as he packs his stuff up and heads to Chico State.  He leaves on Monday.  So it was nice to get together and have him ask Jason questions (Jason went to Chico State).  We also celebrated Jason's birthday (his real birthday is on Sat).  We enjoyed spending time together, eating mini tacos and enjoying delicious Godiva Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory.  YUM YUM YUM.  We tried to get a picture of the girls with Uncle Patrick before he left but Kaylee was in a mood and screamed and didn't want to sit with Patrick, so we were only able to get a picture with Uncle Patrick & Keira.  Surprisingly Keira wasn't crying, she didn't get to take her last nap so she was CRANKY.  She fell asleep on the car ride home.

* * * *

* * * *

We are headed to the lake tomorrow morning for the day.  Should be fun.  The weather is suppose to be in the mid 80s so it should be a nice time at the lake!  Plus it's only an hour drive from our house which is also nice!

I haven't been feeling good the past few days, my ear has really been bothing me..I think I might have an inner ear infection. Going to call and make a dr appt to have it checked out.  It hurts, my hearing is muffled and I've been dizzy.  Which when I looked it up those were the symptoms of an inner ear infection.  So hopefully I can make an appt and get it taken care of!

Happy Thursday!


  1. I agree- your girls are just adorable! I LOVE the pic of Kaylee in her rain boots! That is so sweet!

  2. You just had to post another picture of that damn cheesecake, didn't you?! :-)

    Love the pictures of them playing together!