Monday, August 15, 2011

A Day at the lake & Daddy's Birthday

On Friday Daddy & Uncle Josh didn't have to work, so we got up got the girls ready and everything packed up and headed to the New Malones Lake.  We were meeting Jason's dad, his girlfriend and their friends up there for a day of fun in the sun.

We loaded the girls into the truck and turned on Blue's Clue's.  The girls each have portable DVD players that attach to the headrest and let me tell what a life saver it is to have those DVD players.  Its keeps them quiet and content on long drives.  It took us about an hour in a half to get to the lake.  The girls were awesome the whole way.  We made it to the lake and parked.

We hung out for a little bit, Kaylee threw rocks down the hill before pilling in to the motorhome to go out on the boat.  Daddy & Uncle Josh rode their jet skies.  After getting out of the motor home and we're about to get into the boat, Kaylee is throwing a huge monsterious fit.  Screaming and crying that she doesn't want to get in the boat, she wants her daddy, she had to pee.  It was a nitemare.  On the way up there, there are really whindy roads so I get car sick.  Well I was still feeling like crap and getting on this boat wasn't appealing to me either.  But we got on, found a spot and just parked there to swim around.  I stayed inside the boat with the girls.  Kaylee didn't want to get in and swim at all.  So she played with her toys and pretended to drive the boat.  Both girls didn't get a nap, so they were MONSTERS.  After lots of crying and mommy getting aggrivated it was time to head back to the camp site.

Kaylee did go for a ride on the jet ski with daddy and had a good time, so I'm glad she had a little bit of a good time while we were out on the boat.



Uncle Josh

While heading back to the dock to go back to camp both girls fell asleep.
They both took about a 10 minute nap! 


Once back at camp we set up the pack n play for Keira so she could crawl around.  Kaylee played in the dirt and got filthy dirt!  But she had fun.  We BBQ chicken/hot dogs, we had watermelon, potato salad and macaroni salad.  It was good.  At around 8 we started packing all our stuff back up to head home.  The girls started getting icky and were ready for bed.  We didn't end up pulling out of the there until 9, after loading up and saying good bye.  Kaylee watched her Blue's Clue's and Keira fell asleep 20 minutes in.

Once we got home at 10:20, Keira had woken up and was SO CRABBY.  I was worried she was gonna think she took a little nap and it was time to be up.  But she drank a bottle and fell back to sleep around 11.  45 minutes later she was awake again....REALLY!  I got her to go back to sleep and she woke up again around 4.  I brought her into bed with me and she went back to sleep till 8.

We had a good time, but I've learned that we need to keep our girls on their schedule even when we go out cause if we don't, I'll pay for it later!

* * * *

Happy Birthday Daddy
August 13th

While Daddy went out to get Starbucks that morning, Kaylee made Daddy his birthday card.
On the inside of the card it says "Thank you for being the best daddy around"

When Daddy got back from Starbucks, Kaylee ran to the front door with her card yelling "Happy Difday Daddy" over and over.  It was so cute.

For Daddy's birthday we ordered him some bullets and cases for his bullets cause that's what he wanted.  He likes to go shooting at Targets and shoot squirells at his Grandparents Ranch (they have like 600 acres).  So Kaylee helped daddy put his bullet into the plastic cases and then they looked at his gun.  Kaylee likes to make pretend shooting noises anytime she see's his gun.

We then headed out back to help daddy with checking the pool chemicals and cleaning the pool.  Kaylee helped daddy and Keira crawled around the back yard.  The weather was awesome!

We then headed back inside, I got the girls dressed and we headed to Best Buy to get some stuff daddy had his eye on.  We got a hard drive, a tri pod (so we can take our family pictures) & a wireless mouse cause our other one took a crap!  We had lots of gift cards and coupons to use.  We then headed to the mall, we went to Target cause Daddy told Kaylee he would get her a car (a matchbox car).  She saw the Toy Story cars and wanted one, she chose the Buzz car and it now goes EVERYWHERE with her.  We then headed to Sears cause daddy had more gift cards to use (from his birthday) and he got some tools (of course).

Keira had fallen asleep in her stroller so we headed back to the truck to head home.  I was able to load Keira into her car seat and still have her sleeping.  We got home I unloaded her, still sleeping and put her down in her crib. Kaylee went down for a nap as well.

Mommy got started making phone calls inviting people out to dinner as a little surprise for Daddy's birthday.  We decided to go to a mexican resturant in Livermore for dinner that daddy really likes.  Both the girls took a really long nap (Kaylee 3 hours & Keira 4 hours), they must have been catching up on the sleep they missed the day before at the lake.  Once the girls got up we got them dressed and some friends stopped by to visit before we left.

We headed to the resturant and had a great time with friends and family.
Daddy was surprised and happy that everyone came.
After dinner we headed back to our house to hang out for a little bit before everyone left and the girls went to bed.  I tried to take a picture of Daddy with his girls and of course Kaylee was being a poop and wanted nothing to do with it

Daddy had a great birthday and we had a great weekend
Sunday we spent the day around the house going CRAZY (that's a whole different post to come)

Happy Monday!


  1. I LOVE that photo of you sitting with the two girls- so precious!!

  2. Wow...y'all had a seriously BUSY weekend!!! Happy birthday to your hubs!!! I LOVE all of the pics - you are such a great photog:)